New Year, New You!


With the new year comes a new set of ambitious goals. Many of us will use the flip of a calendar to signify a fresh start, new beginning, or a clean slate. But speaking for myself, I often lose track of those ambitious goals or wait to use the following month as the next starting line. Often the reason is a lack of commitment. Sure I told myself a thousand times what the goal is, and maybe a few friends, but I didn’t make a commitment to the goal. So let’s make 2019 different – let’s write down our goals as part of a vision with values that way we can refer back to it throughout the year and track our progress.

Start with a Vision

By this time in 2020, where do you aspire to be? Think of your vision as what you want to accomplish in 2019. It could be centered around your career, your home life, or what you would like to do. Think of your vision statement as the one that defines what success looks like for you.

A good vision statement should be about 1-3 sentences. This helps you focus on whats important. Think about where your greatest impact will be- is it on your career, your personal life, or the world around you? Write it so that those sentences inspire you, so have fun with it!

Build Your Vision with Values

In the pursuit of your vision it’s important to have values that help guide your decision making. Values help you from veering off course, and throughout the year help you prioritize actions to make your vision a reality. At Salesforce we share the values of: Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality. Some of your personal values may be: fun, wellbeing, growth, giving back, etc.

Complete Your Commitment with Goals

Think of the goals you started with before you read this post. Maybe it was go to the gym, or read a book each week, etc. Now align each of them to your values. If one of your values was ‘giving back’ then a goal could be to volunteer each week for at least 1 hour. With each of your goals, you should have a value that aligns to it. This helps you focus on what’s important.

MOAR Awesome, Admin-Style

For instance, let’s say you have a vision to increase your knowledge of the Salesforce platform while also positioning yourself for the role you dream of stepping into. One of your values might be learning, but with no goals for Trailhead badges you won’t be able to increase your position as an expert who is always learning. Now is the time to create that goal and align the steps you need to take. For many Admins, this might already be a version of a vision you have. That’s why I chose this example to bring it all home!

Looking to get started or continue on that learning journey? Here are 5 trailmixes with different areas of focus depending on how you may want to develop this year:

  1. Admins who Analyze – Build Your Business Analyst Career Trailmix
  2. Admins who Predict Trailmix
  3. Admins who Teach – Build Your First App Workshop Trailmix
  4. Admins who Code Trailmix
  5. Admins who Automate – Get With the Flow Trailmix

Find a Mentor / Be a Mentor

You are more likely to succeed when you find someone who is on the same path as you. So what path are you on? Share your goals on our Admin Trailblazers community to help connect with other Salesforce Admins that you can either mentor or be mentored by.

So tell us, what are your goals for 2019? Do you have any favorite trailmixes? Share them with us!

Need an extra push? Check out Trailhead Quests for 2019!

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