Tips to Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam

7 Tips to Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam


Editor’s note: This post was updated on November 22, 2022, with the latest information and resources.

Many organizations rely on Salesforce to run and grow their business. This is great news for those with Salesforce Admin experience, because it means your skills are in high demand.

As a Salesforce Admin, you’re responsible for a number of important tasks related to customizing your company’s Salesforce instance. You likely know better than anyone how your work as a Salesforce Admin contributes to your company’s success as a whole. Earning your Salesforce Administrator credential is a great testament to all you’ve learned; plus, it shows your commitment to your company’s success and your continued professional development.

Becoming Salesforce-certified can transform your career and pave the way to increased responsibilities and promotions, all the while helping you contribute even more to your organization’s success.

Whether you’re brand new to Salesforce or have been thinking about earning your credential for a while, here are seven tips to help you prepare for the Salesforce Administrator certification exam.

1. See what the exam is all about

To pass your Salesforce Administrator certification exam, you need broad knowledge of how to configure and customize the Salesforce Platform, manage users, and find ways to get even more out of its features and capabilities. The Administrator exam guide is your best resource to understand the exam format and details, including the number of questions, how much time you’re allowed, which topics are covered, how much they are weighted, which resources you should use to study, and more.

2. Schedule your certification exam

It may seem strange to schedule your exam before you’ve started studying, but this is a great way to keep you motivated and working toward your certification goal. Having a set date will help you prioritize your studying and keep you focused. Click here to schedule your certification exam, and pick a testing environment that works best for you. We offer exams onsite at a testing center, or you can take them online in the comfort of your own home. Check out these online test-taking tips if that’s the route you prefer.

3. Find some friends to study with

Nothing helps more to motivate and support you when studying for an exam than having friends join you on the journey. To find a study group, reach out to your local Community Groups or post in the Admin Trailblazers group to identify other potential study buddies.

4. Get hands-on practice

No amount of studying can compare to how valuable it is to get hands-on experience. Being able to recall specific projects or implementations you’ve done will help you as you answer tough, scenario-based questions. The best way to get this hands-on experience is to block out time on your calendar and make it clear to your team that this is a priority. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you complete both the Admin Beginner and Admin Intermediate trails on Trailhead. These trails are a great way to learn, refresh, and supercharge your Salesforce skills and knowledge.

Another great way to solidify your skills is to build an app to track something you’re interested in. For example, you can build an app to track your favorite TV episodes, movies, or recipes. We even know someone who built an app to plan their wedding! So go ahead and build your own app for something you’re interested in. You’ll not only gain experience building an entire app from scratch but also have something to demo to potential employers.

5. Complete the Admin Certification trail

We want to set you up for success. That’s why we’ve created the Admin Certification Prep trail, specifically made to help you get exam-ready! We also have an Admin Certification trailmix. The best thing about this trailmix is that it shows the percentage of each subject area covered on the test. So, you can focus more time on the subject areas with the highest percentages (for example, Standard & Custom Objects, Sales and Marketing Applications, Security & Access) and less time on areas with the lowest percentages (for example, Mobile, AppExchange, User Setup).

6. Attend a FREE virtual prep webinar

Get an extra boost of confidence as a Salesforce Certified Instructor walks you through some study tips and explains concepts you might be struggling with. Registering for a free, 1-day certification prep webinar is super easy!

7. Excel during and after the exam

The most important thing to do during the exam is to read the questions carefully. Time is limited, so use it wisely. There may be questions that you don’t know the answer to, and that’s okay! You can take your best-educated guess, mark the question for review, and come back after you’ve answered the other questions. You can also use the three pieces of scratch paper provided to jot things down, so when you come back to a question marked for review, your handy notes will remind you what the question is about and why you chose your answer.

Keep in mind that not everyone will pass the certification exam the first time, but sitting for it is excellent training in itself—and you get to see how the exam is structured. Afterward, you’ll get an email with section-level feedback, so you can see the areas where you really know your stuff and the areas where you can do a little more studying. Make sure you schedule your exam retake while the content is still fresh in your brain.

Be sure to celebrate your success!

When you do pass your certification exam, cue the confetti—it’s time to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Go ahead and be loud and proud of your new credential; you’ve earned it! Share your success with your team and fellow Salesforce Admins in the Trailblazer Community. Post the good news on Twitter, and don’t forget to join the LinkedIn and Trailblazer Community Groups specifically for Certified Professionals.

By earning your Salesforce Administrator credential, you’ve taken a big step forward in building your Salesforce knowledge, demonstrating that you not only know the basics but also have gone above and beyond to become the go-to resource for Salesforce at your organization. It shows your manager and everyone at your company that you’re serious about boosting your career and being a leader for all things Salesforce.

Becoming Salesforce-certified is an investment from which you’ll reap benefits for years to come in your role. With so many resources available to help you on your path toward certification, you’re one step closer to unlocking a world of possibilities for your career.


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