10 Game-Changing Flow Solutions


Lightning Flow makes it possible to build seamless experiences for your customers and employees with as little code as possible. By applying the power of low-code, drag-and-drop functionality to customer engagement, you can automate the complex logic of your business process in Salesforce – even if you need to interact with external systems. Two builders are included in Lightning Flow. Process Builder, which lets you automate simple “if-this-then-that automations”, and Flow Builder, which lets you perform more complex logic and visually guide users through an interaction.

Don’t start with a blank canvas

Together, Process Builder and Flow Builder provide a lot of power at every admin’s fingertips. But we know it can be hard to know where to start, especially when faced with that blank canvas and all those options. With Flow solutions, you can get started right away, even if you are not familiar with Flow Builder yourself.

We offer two types of Flow solutions.

  • Flow actions are standalone elements that you can add to any flow.
  • Flow templates are pre-built flows that you can customize to match your company’s needs. Unlike when you install a flow via a managed package, you can see the guts of the flow, make a copy, change whatever you need, then put it to work in your org. And the flow template developer can push upgrades to the template in your org.

By installing a Flow solution, you get subject-matter expertise and industry best practice baked in. Why build automation from scratch, if industry leaders have already done the work?

Get started with AppExchange and Salesforce Labs

Enter in AppExchange, the hub of the Salesforce ecosystem. It is the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace and the go-to place to find the right solution to solve your business challenges with over 4,000 ready to install solutions that have been installed 7 million times. The 10 game-changing solutions we are highlighting today are from Salesforce Labs, and AppExchange is the home to Salesforce Labs.

Salesforce Labs is a program where we encourage Salesforce Employees to create solutions on the Platform and share them with customers, for free. All Salesforce Labs solutions go through the same security review process as our partner solutions and are a great way to get started on AppExchange. We see customers gain the most value out of the Salesforce Labs program when they use Labs solutions to help address a business challenge, to learn more about specific platform features, and using them as a starter pack and customizing to make them work for their specific use case. It is important to note that Salesforce Labs are not official Salesforce products.

Explore these 10 free solutions by Salesforce Labs

Use these AppExchange Salesforce Labs solutions to level up your Salesforce org while building your Lightning Flow superpowers. You can get started right away with these 10 solutions by installing them into your Sandbox or Developer Org and then customize them to work for your specific use cases.

Mass Reassign Open task Activities – Mass reassign open tasks from one user to another user with the appropriate profile and permission sets with the click of a button.


Campaign Member Management – Update your Campaign Member status easily on desktop or mobile. This solution makes it easy to search, filter, and update Campaign Member status which encourages higher adoption with your users.


Change Management at Login – Distribute relevant change management information to your users as part of their daily process, logging into Salesforce. Designed to assist with a Lightning transition but as a Flow template it can be updated and customized for any change management use case.


Consent Capture – Manage your Customers’ privacy on Salesforce using the new privacy and data governance objects. Manage consent records for your contacts, leads, and users while tracking expiration of consent and opt-outs. This solution provides your team with data privacy information when they need it.


Digital Store Audit – Move beyond paper for your forms, checklists and audits with Digital Store Audit. Personalize this solutions to collect information from store walk-throughs, equipment inspections, safely checklists, and more.


All Onboard Starter Pack – Seamlessly onboard anyone, in one consolidated place with All Onboard Starter Pack. Explore how this Flow template uses 2 Factor Authentication with One Time Password to verify the person and collect the documents required for onboarding.


Daily Quote Component – Embed this flow component to your homepage to display a quote, image to users that changes on a daily basis. You can use this as a way to communicate changes, alerts, notification or daily inspiration and fun.


Profile Photo Motivator – Encourage your users to update their profile photo with Profile Photo Motivator. This solution has multiple options to motivate your users, you can automatically remind users without a photo to create one or change all unset photos to a randomly assigned photo.


Dashboard Pal – Flow Edition – Embed your dashboards in your flows! Give the control of what dashboards your users see to your users with the ability for users to select their preferred dashboard.


Flow Video Player & File Viewer – Play YouTube videos and preview files from within your Lightning Flow screen. Control the video size, starting position and auto-play settings and you can show files with full-screen overlay previews.


These 10 solutions are just the start. To take your Flow superpowers further, explore all of the Salesforce Labs and Partner Flow solutions on AppExchange here. Did you know, you can earn a new Trailhead badge while exploring a Flow Salesforce Labs solution? Check out the AppExchange Solutions Trailhead module to explore a game-changing AppExchange Salesforce Labs solution and show off that new shiny Trailhead badge.

Connect with @Salesforce Labs on twitter and let us know your favorite Flow solution.

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