3 New Ideas on the Product Roadmap Admins Will Love


The IdeaExchange is your home base for sharing ideas for product improvements or new features with the Trailblazer Community and Salesforce Product Managers. Anyone with a Trailblazer.me profile can champion their favorite ideas by participating in Prioritization cycles three times a year — typically in January, May, and September. We’ve already started to deliver winning ideas from IdeaExchange Prioritization. In fact, you can see a few of the top ideas that will be delivered in the Winter ’21 Release next month plus top ideas already delivered in the Spring ’20 Release.

We’re thrilled to announce that, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our community and product managers, three new winning ideas are now in development from the May 2020 Prioritization cycle. Let’s take a moment to celebrate and learn about the ideas that have been added to our roadmap.

1. Analytics winner: Inline editing of reports

Provides inline editing for reports so that you don’t have to drill into each record separately to edit it. Similar to list views, provides the ability to double-click onto a record and do an inline edit right there without leaving the report. Estimated GA Release: Spring ’22.

2. Platform winner: Share button in Lightning Experience

Includes the ability for users to manually share records with other users and manage who has access to specific records they’ve shared. Estimated GA Release: Summer ’21.

3. Sales winner: Opportunity Queues

Allow opportunities to be assigned to a queue. Team members can select opportunities to work from this shared pool. Estimated GA Release: Summer ’21.

Psst… September 2020 Prioritization is open now!

Prioritize top ideas from the IdeaExchange right now to tell us which features you want Salesforce to build next for Summer ’21 and beyond. You can allocate 100 virtual coins to your favorite ideas on the Prioritization list now through September 28. Are you new to Prioritization? We can help you get started with this short demo.

Ways to learn about Prioritization

1. Go Live!

As requested by the community on the IdeaExchange, we’re creating even more opportunities for community members to connect with product teams on Trailhead LIVE. True to the Core Live! is a virtual monthly series that enables you to ask us your questions live, gain an appreciation for what is planned (or not!) and why, and help influence the product roadmap specifically around core functionality. Watch recordings of past sessions and stay tuned for details on our upcoming session in October (we promise it will be a special one you won’t want to miss!).

Automation | Aired on September 17, 2020
Join John Kucera, SVP Product Management, and our Platform Process Automation team. Hear what they’re focused on and get answers to your process automation questions.
?. Watch the recording

Analytics | Aired on August 25, 2020
Join Salesforce product leaders from our Reporting and Analytics teams. Get answers to your questions about reports and dashboards, Einstein Analytics, and Tableau.
?  Watch the recording

Platform | Aired on July 29, 2020
Join Jon Sigler, EVP Lightning; Ryan Ellis, SVP Product Management; and Scott Yancey, SVP Software Engineering, to learn what’s planned for core platform features.
?  Watch the recording

TrailheaDX ’20 | Aired on June 25, 2020
Join Salesforce executives Bret Taylor, President and COO; Parker Harris, Co-founder and CTO; and Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM Platform, Trailhead & AppExchange.
Watch the recording

2. Hit the trail

When the Prioritization cycle opens, we give you 100 virtual coins to allocate to the ideas you want to see on the product roadmaps. Take the IdeaExchange Trailmix to dive deeper into the idea lifecycle and to learn how to allocate coins during each cycle.

3. Listen

Go behind the scenes on the WizardCast podcast with Salesforce MVPs Brian Kwong and Mark Ross as well as Scott Allan, Sr. Manager, Product Strategy for the IdeaExchange.

Episode 113 — True to the Confetti | Aired on September 14, 2020
Featuring Aria Niazi, Director, Product Management for Sales Cloud
?  Listen to this episode

Episode 110 — IdeaExchange Prioritization | Aired on May 18, 2020
Featuring Anusha Surepeddi, Director, Product Management for Analytics
?  Listen to this episode

Episode 97 — Reimagined Salesforce IdeaExchange | Aired on September 9, 2019
Featuring Jennifer Sacks, VP, Customer & Market Insights
?  Listen to this episode

4. Stay updated

You can help shape the future of the IdeaExchange by joining the conversation in the IdeaExchange Reimagined Trailblazer Community Chatter group on the Trailblazer Community. To receive updates about winning ideas and reminders before the start of each cycle, please make sure your communication preferences are set to receive Salesforce marketing emails and opt into IdeaExchange notifications on your Trailblazer.me profile.

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