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9 Low-Code Features That Will Help You Maximize Adoption


As Salesforce Admins, we are problem solvers and innovators. One area that we’re always solving for is user adoption. Admins build #AwesomeAdmin solutions, but we also build with an adoption mindset. Low-code features help us bring adoption to the forefront in everything we build.

You can use these low-code tools to maximize user adoption within your org, help your users provide awesome customer experiences with productivity tools, quickly monitor and manage performance with prebuilt dashboards, and continue your learning from anywhere with Trailhead GO.

Let’s dive into nine low-code features that you can leverage today, along with resources to help you continue learning.

1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) — All admins are security-minded, and the new MFA Assistant in Setup makes it even easier for admins to help their organizations roll out an invaluable security feature. Check out the MFA Assistant so you can quickly and easily set up MFA in your Salesforce org.
multi-factor authentication assistant in setup

2. Service Setup Assistant — Set up flows that help your agents get up and running to assist customers quickly. The sooner you can set up Service Cloud, the sooner your agents can build positive relationships with your customers. Check out the Winter ’21 Release video of the Service Setup Assistant.

3. In-App Guidance Walkthroughs — Guide your users step by step and help them adopt change easily. Create prompts to share valuable information with your end users when and where they need it most, while they’re in the app. Watch this Did You Know video about Walkthroughs.

4. Dynamic Forms — Help your end users see exactly what they need to see on the page and focus on the necessary data points at the right time. Build highly flexible, dynamic experiences your users will love, and customize page layouts by the data users see, the device users use, and the role or profile they have. Read this great blog post all about Dynamic Forms.

5. Salesforce Macros — Your end users love efficiency, and macros can help them automate and complete repetitive tasks by themselves with minimum clicks. Empower your users to create macros that work for them. Watch this Did You Know video on creating and editing macros.

6. Notification Builder — Ensure you and your end users are in the know with timely notifications. Keep them informed when events important to their workflow happen. Use Salesforce Notification Builder to create custom notifications for teams, task queues, and public groups. Replace standard notifications with custom notifications you build, or disable any push notifications that are not needed in settings. Watch this Did You Know video to learn more about Notification Builder

7. Flow — Automate complex business processes using Flow, a key component of Einstein Automate. This solution helps you compose intelligent workflows that transform complex business processes into simple, guided experiences for every industry. Your end users will thank you for improving efficiency and automating tedious tasks. Read the Einstein Automate blog to learn more.

8. Trailhead GO — Empower your end users to learn Salesforce and business skills with Trailhead GO on their mobile devices. They can take their learning beyond the desktop and onto their phone. Listen to Product Manager Reid Carlberg talk about Trailhead GO on the Salesforce Admins Podcast

9. MuleSoft Composer — Soon in Setup, with MuleSoft Composer, you’ll be able to bring in data from external databases so that your users can stay in Salesforce and see data across systems. You’ll be able to connect apps and data more quickly, without code! Read the MuleSoft Composer blog post. Listen to the podcast with Product Manager Shannon Hale.

Do MOAR and increase adoption using these nine low-code features. Start today with an adoption mindset!

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