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Build an Experience: Why Every Platform App Builder Will Love Experience Builder


Last year at Dreamforce ‘19, I was honored to have the opportunity to share my presentation, Build an Experience: Why Every Platform App Builder Will Love Community Builder, to an eager audience of Salesforce Admins. In that session, I spoke about the shift that is subtly happening before our eyes. That is, in the Salesforce ecosystem, we no longer simply build online communities; we build experiences. I have built communities — or, should I say, experiences — for years, and I truly love using Salesforce’s Community Builder. And, as of the Spring ‘20 release, Community Builder has a brand new name: Experience Builder!

Experience Builder takes your community-building capabilities to a new level (and it’s fun)

If you like Lightning App Builder, that’s awesome! But are you aware of the ultra-robust tool, Experience Builder? Similar to Lightning App Builder, it basically does it all. First of all, it has tons to get you started quickly. Specifically, you can choose from numerous components, themes, templates, and bolts when building a community. It goes well beyond a page-level editor, allowing control and configuration of analytics, security, language, navigation control, devices, global settings, and more.

Some of the most exciting new features are available in Experience Builder

Not only is Experience Builder super easy to start using right away, it also has some wicked innovation that you’ll want to check out. Have you seen the power with Audiences and Personalization in Communities? You can present a unique experience dynamically based on the logged-in user. With Salesforce CMS, you can create content and then apply controls within the presentation layer to display your content visually and keep on point with your community branding.

Mastering Experience Builder opens up a whole new Salesforce career path

Many of you may never have touched Communities on the Salesforce Platform. This is a great time to start exploring that area. Communities are the center of the “Digital Experience Platform” and will serve as the layer of interaction for many solutions going forward. Even if you don’t necessarily interact directly with partners or customers, employees can benefit from these digital experiences too.

I truly believe that anyone familiar with Lightning App Builder will quickly see the power in Experience Builder and will want to explore this robust tool in detail. It’s also important to mention that it’s just a flat-out fun tool on the platform. Who doesn’t want to drag and drop their way to beautiful digital experiences?

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