Learn MOAR in Spring ’20 with Prediction Builder


Discover Spring ’20 Release features! We are sharing five release highlights for Salesforce Admins (and Developers), curated and published by our evangelists and PMs as part of Learn MOAR. Complete the trailmix by March 31, 2020, to get a special community badge and unlock a $10 contribution to FIRST®.

Last year, we released Einstein Prediction Builder, which allows Salesforce Administrators to build custom predictions with just clicks — no need to write code, learn algorithms, or any of that messy stuff. In just a year, you have built fascinating predictions, like predicting which students might drop out of a college prep program, which customers might pay their bills late, which job candidates might be a good fit for a staffing service, and many more. We’ve sat back in amazement watching the incredible things folks have done with Einstein Prediction Builder — and we want to see more!

Now everyone can point, click, and predict with one free prediction

With the Spring ’20 Release, we’re thrilled to announce that all Enterprise Edition and up orgs will be able to make one prediction for free with Einstein Prediction Builder! There’s never been a better time to bring the wonders of AI to your business. Now, you can give it a shot in your production org or Sandbox, on your data, and see how these predictions can work for you.

Get started with Einstein Prediction Builder

With the new free prediction, you can build intelligent predictions right into your Salesforce environment. But first, get hands on with Prediction Builder in a Trailhead Playground and learn how to build your very first prediction. Start with the Trailhead Project: Quick Start: Einstein Prediction Builder.

But here’s a little secret about predictions: A prediction is just a number. By itself, a prediction doesn’t do anything — you have to put it into action. To that end, we’ve just released a brand new hands-on project: Put Predictions Into Action With Next Best Action. This covers both Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action (which is also free to try in all orgs!) and shows you how you can turn predictions into real actions that your users can take.

Get a Developer Edition org with Einstein Prediction Builder enabled

You can also create a Developer Edition org that has Einstein Prediction Builder enabled at this signup page.

This will provision the same type of org as is used in the Quick Start: Einstein Prediction Builder project mentioned above. So if you’ve already made yourself that type of org, you’re in luck! You’ve got a Developer Edition org with Einstein Prediction Builder. Feel free to delete the data preloaded in there and try Einstein Prediction Builder on some data that you bring.

One word about Developer Edition orgs: they are not able to hold very much data. You can generally load enough sample data for Einstein Prediction Builder to meet its minimum data requirements (the data preloaded in there is exactly that) – but the best predictions are built on a large amount of real, live data. So if you really want to run Einstein Prediction Builder through its paces, try making a prediction on real data in a recently-refreshed Full Copy Sandbox or a production org, if you are able. Nothing shows the power of Einstein Prediction Builder like real predictions on real data.

Prediction inspiration

So what kind of predictions can you make with Einstein Prediction Builder? There are lots of them, and we’ve documented many of them at guide.einstein.com. Have a look there at the many predictions your fellow Trailblazers have built for their businesses!

Once you’ve explored some prediction inspiration, get hands on with your own data! Explore Prediction Builder in your Sandbox environment with your real data and real business cases. You will need to make sure you are building predictions on data sets with enough records, at least 400 records to be exact.

So now, you all have one free prediction, and everyone can point, click, and predict. Happy predicting!


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