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Learn MOAR in Winter ’22 with Cool Features for Your Users ?


Follow and complete a Learn MOAR Winter ’22 trailmix for admins or developers by October 31 to earn a special community badge and enter for a chance to win one of five $200 USD Salesforce Certification vouchers. Restrictions apply. Learn how to participate and review the Official Rules by visiting the Trailhead Quests page.

Prep your end users for awesome, new Winter ’22 features

Get ready to bring new Winter ’22 features to your end users!

As admins, we’re the ambassadors of Salesforce within our companies. So, it’s important for us to understand and highlight new features for our end users to help boost their productivity.

After you read the summaries below, I highly encourage you to take time to test drive these new user features in your Winter ’22 sandbox prior to the Winter ’22 upgrade in your Production org. Check the Maintenance Calendar for exactly when your Salesforce org will get the Winter ’22 features. Scroll through the list and check your Salesforce instance (NA__, EMEA__) against the release dates listed in the calendar.

Einstein Search for all!

I envision a meme of Oprah Winfrey saying, “YOU get an Einstein Search, and YOU get an Einstein Search!” Einstein Search is now turned on by default at no additional cost. Search is now smarter with personalized search results, record preview from the search box, and natural language searches. To learn more about what Einstein Search is and how to customize the search experience for your end users, check out the Leverage Einstein Search to Increase Productivity: Trailhead Live Recap blog post.

Sort upcoming and overdue activities your way

User’s choice! Now, your users can choose the display order of upcoming tasks and appointments, in a way that makes most sense to them. Previously, the activity with the closest due date was shown at the bottom of the list. If your users want to view the oldest Upcoming & Overdue activities first, they just click on the gear icon in the Activities component and change the sort order. Voila! The oldest upcoming or overdue activity appears at the top of the list.

Configuring the display order for upcoming and overdue appointments.

Report activities more accurately

Use the new field CompletedDateTime to show the time and the date that an activity was completed. Add the Completed Date to your activity (task or event) page layout. Once your user completes an activity, the Completed Date is automatically populated.

Referencing the Completed Date field.

Say more in a subject in a Lightning email template

Now, your subject line can contain up to 1,000 characters (only 230 characters previously).

Add rows and columns to your email templates

Use the Layout component to easily add a row to your Email Template Builder or Email Content Builder template. Select a layout with no columns or a preconfigured set of up to four columns. To add a row using the same layout, click on the copy icon within the layout. Or, drag a new layout format for your new row. Note: To set up access to the new Lightning Email Template Builder, simply enable the “Access drag-and-drop content builder” user permission in the profile or permission set.

Using the Layout component in the Email Template Builder.

Add indentations in rich text components in the Email Template Builder

Indented text creates visual variety and organizes text in your email templates.

Indentation feature in the rich text component in the Email Template Builder.

Help your users personalize their content with Mobile Home (GA)

Mobile Home is generally available as a standard navigation item for the Salesforce mobile app on iOS and Android. This is a landing page where your end users can personalize the content they care about most. As an admin, you can add Mobile Home to any phone-activated Lightning app or to Salesforce Navigation in Setup. After it’s added, the Mobile Home tab will only appear on users’ mobile devices, not their desktop. Set it as the first tab and your mobile users will have this brand spanking new landing page every time they open their app.

Adding Mobile Home to a Lightning app.


Adding Mobile Home to Salesforce Navigation in Setup.


Ways users can personalize the Mobile Home landing page.

Don’t forget to watch the Winter ’22 Admin Preview on September 10 during Release Readiness Live to see demos of a subset of these new, exciting features. And be sure to check out the Learn MOAR Winter ’22 for Admins Trailmix and follow along on the blog this week for more Learn MOAR!

Which Winter ’22 user productivity enhancements are you most excited about? Share with us on Twitter @SalesforceAdmns using #AwesomeAdmin.

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