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Design User Security and Visibility with This Admin Configuration Kit


What’s an Admin Configuration Kit?

Let’s set the scene. You’re an admin. You’ve talked to your users. You know what they want, functionally, but you don’t know how to configure it. You don’t even know what you’re supposed to configure!

Normally at this point, you’d start searching Google, Help & Training, Trailhead, the Trailblazer Community, Twitter, Reddit, or StackExchange. This process is often time-intensive, and it can be difficult to narrow your question or find the name of the menu item in Setup that you need to configure.

The same is true for troubleshooting an issue or error. It can be really difficult to understand what steps you need to take to solve it.

To solve this challenge we’ve created Admin Configuration Kits. At the heart of it, an Admin Configuration Kit is a series of decision flows and diagrams that will guide you to a recommended solution.

Oh, cool! Tell me more about the Security and Visibility Configuration Kit

Our first Configuration Kit focuses on security settings, object-level security, field-level security, and record access. If you’re using Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or building apps with the Salesforce Platform, you’ll find useful prompts and recommendations in this release.

Example of an Admin Configuration Kit.

How do I get hands-on?

You can start using the Security & Visibility Configuration Kit right now by downloading this PDF. You can reference it as you design, configure, or even print it (gasp!) to use as a worksheet.

Cool! Can I provide feedback?

PLEEEEEEEASE give us feedback. The Configuration Kit has been built by admins for admins, but we want it to be as valuable and impactful as possible. That means we want and need to hear from you to improve them. You can direct your feedback to J. at

Will there be more?

Yes! Is there a topic you’d like us to feature? Please let us know at the e-mail address above.

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