Gillian Bruce and Madeleine Coutanceau in an episode of "How I Solved It."

How I Solved It: Automating Processes with Madeleine Coutanceau


#AwesomeAdmins, in case you haven’t heard, we’ve taken our existing “How I Solved It” series from YouTube, sprinkled some extra magic onto it, and are bringing a five-episode version of it to Salesforce+, our free streaming service.

In the second episode (available now on Salesforce+), we see how Madeleine Coutanceau built a solution to manage the complex software licensing and renewals process at her company. Madeleine explains why process automation is key to being an effective Salesforce Admin and highlights how she uses skills from the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit—process automation, product management, and attention to detail.

We recommend you watch the episode on Salesforce+ and then read about her solution below.

The challenge

After talking to all the stakeholders and digging in to see how each part of the company handled software licensing, Madeleine discovered that their processes were quite messy! Each department had different spreadsheets and email chains to track licensing, which led to confusion and inefficiency. It became clear to her that she needed to build a solution in Salesforce that tracked all the important dates and costs, and automatically handled the many layers of approvals for this process.

The solution

Madeleine let it flow! She started by creating a custom object to track applications, and related objects to track licenses and approvals for each application that spanned all departments. Then, she used a combination of Salesforce approvals and Flow to handle individual license allocations and approvals for license renewals.

She built an action on the Application object that allows users to request an additional license that kicks off a screen flow to coach the user through submitting all the required information to process the license request.

Applications record page open showing Request Additional License Approval action button and Request Additional License Approval screen flow modal.

Madeleine created an approval process to then send that submitted request to the right approver via email, and the requestor gets an email confirmation letting them know the status of their request.

Approval process for Application License Renewal showing entry criteria “Application: Active equals True,” Approval Assignment Email Template set to Application: Additional License request.

She also showed us the flow she built to handle the additional license request, which is what pops up when someone clicks the Request Additional License button she added on the Application record page.

Flow canvas showing part one of the Application: Additional License Request screen flow which contains Get Records, Assignment, Screen, and Action elements.

Flow canvas showing part two on the Application: Additional License Request screen flow which contains Screen and Action elements.

Admin skills

Madeleine demonstrates a lot of skills from the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit in this episode, but we want to focus on process automation, product management, and attention to detail.

Here’s how she uses these admin skills (and how you can, too!):

Process automation

  • Understand why you’re developing a solution and how it fits into the bigger picture.
  • Visually map out your processing using a process diagram tool.
  • Make sure you’re creating a clear and consistent user experience across Salesforce.

Product management

  • Demonstrate your knowledge across multiple products spanning the Salesforce Platform.
  • Continually evaluate new Salesforce products and features.
  • Be the go-to Salesforce subject matter expert at your company.

Attention to detail

  • Work closely with stakeholders to fully understand all the requirements.
  • Continually evaluate information you gather from multiple sources and make adjustments.
  • Test, test, test!

We hope you enjoy this episode! Stay tuned to Salesforce+ for more “How I Solved It” episodes coming soon!

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