Madeleine Coutanceau, Tony Nguyen, Karmel James, Sarah Pilzer, and Andrew Russo in our new Salesforce+ series, "How I Solved It."

How I Solved It Is Coming to Salesforce+!


If you’ve been in the #AwesomeAdmin community for a while, you’re probably familiar with our popular series, “How I Solved It,” where we deep dive into a specific business problem and show how one #AwesomeAdmin chose to solve it. After some feedback, the series, which debuted as a blog series in February 2020, evolved into a YouTube series in March 2021 so you could really see ? how creative solutions from the community came to life.

Now, it’s with great excitement that we announce that “How I Solved It” will appear as a new series on Salesforce+! Finally—a series for admins, by admins on our free streaming service. This is BIG! ?

Don’t worry, our “How I Solved It” blog and YouTube series aren’t going anywhere. Just think of this Salesforce+ series as a bonus. More videos, more demos, more solutions, more AWESOMENESS from the community.

What can I expect?

The new 5-episode series hosted by Principal Admin Evangelist Gillian Bruce will be similar in format to our YouTube series and feature some familiar faces from our wonderful #AwesomeAdmin community—Andrew Russo, Madeleine Coutanceau, Karmel James, Tony Nguyen, and Sarah Pilzer! ? Each episode will highlight a unique business problem and be tied to skills-focused areas covered in our newly launched Salesforce Admins Skills Kit!

You’ll learn about user management, change management, designer’s mindset, process automation, product management, attention to detail, problem solving, communication, data management, security management, learner’s mindset, project management, data analysis, business analysis, and more!

Ready for your sneak peek?

When and where can I watch?

Excited? You should be! The first episode of "How I Solved It" premieres on Salesforce+ Wednesday, July 27 at 10:30 AM PT. A new episode will be released every Wednesday until August 24.

Follow along on Twitter for episode announcements and use the hashtag #AwesomeAdmin to share your thoughts on the new show!


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