4 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Using AI.

4 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Using AI


In today’s digital age, personal branding has become essential for Salesforce Admins to stand out in the competitive world of Salesforce.

One powerful tool that can help you enhance your personal brand is ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) language model. In this blog post, we’ll explore four ways you can use ChatGPT to strengthen your personal branding efforts.

Let’s get started!

Understanding personal branding as a Salesforce Admin

Before we dive into the ways ChatGPT can boost your personal brand, let’s clarify what personal branding means for you as an Awesome Admin.

Your personal brand is essentially the unique identity that you create for yourself. It includes how you present yourself online and how you connect with others, and it’s made up of what you know, what you’ve done, and the impression you leave on your colleagues and peers. In the world of Salesforce, establishing a strong personal brand can lead to being recognized as an expert and, ultimately, help you build trust and credibility in the community. 🤓

Leveraging ChatGPT for personal branding

If you haven’t crossed paths with ChatGPT yet, it’s a highly versatile AI tool capable of generating human-like text and providing valuable insights. I’ve had my fair share of fun with it, using it to plan vacations or help me whip together a meal from whatever is in my fridge. But today, we’re diving into how ChatGPT can take your personal branding game to the next level.

Remember, when using any AI tool like ChatGPT, it should be used as a productivity assistant and a collaboration tool. It’s essential to review, edit, and revise all outputs from ChatGPT to personalize them to your needs.

Keep reading for four ways ChatGPT can help you build your personal brand and for an example that lead to real-world success!

1. Content generation

ChatGPT can assist you in generating high-quality content related to your role or expertise. With the AI model’s ability to understand and produce relevant content, you can use it as an aid to generate ideas for all sorts of things, like articles, blog posts, and social media updates (more on that next) that showcase your expertise.

One of my personal favorite ways to use it is to help generate blog post outlines. To begin, I start by writing a clear and concise sentence that highlights the key objective(s) of my blog post. I use this sentence as the prompt I feed ChatGPT to help me ideate what the format and structure of this blog post could look like and potential points I might want to make. You’d be amazed by the output!

Another way I love to use Chat GPT is to help me create SEO-friendly blog titles. I provide ChatGPT with keywords and topics relevant to the content I’m writing. For example, the prompt could be: “Generate 10 SEO-friendly titles for a blog post about [Your Topic], emphasizing [Key Keyword/Phrase].” It’s an incredible time-saver that will hopefully get your content increased visibility.

2. Social media engagement

As a social media manager, one of my absolute favorite things to do is brainstorm engaging social media posts. When you do it every day, or even if you don’t, crafting these posts can be challenging. Enter ChatGPT!

It can not only assist you in creating captivating copy but also help you think of ways to increase your online presence and engage with your audience effectively. If you’re in a slump and need help generating fun social post ideas, ChatGPT can help. Just provide it with your topic, key objectives, and desired output. It will generate a wide range of content ideas, including quotes, fun facts, and statistics to keep your audience engaged.

One new way I’ve been exploring ChatGPT is by asking it to help me generate ideas for visual content. For example, let’s say you have a great new blog post about the importance of documentation for Awesome Admins. You can ask ChatGPT to describe or help generate ideas for images, infographics, or other visual content that can complement your written content and make it more sharable. Truly game-changing!

3. Email/Slack outreach

ChatGPT is also a super valuable resource when it comes to crafting a personalized email or Slack outreach message for various purposes, whether it’s communicating with clients, reaching out to colleagues, or making a strong impression on potential employers.

As I’m sure you know, a well-crafted email or Slack message can leave a lasting impression and set the tone for meaningful professional relationships—or any sort of relationship for that matter. I’ve personally asked ChatGPT to help me with:

  • Generating a clear and concise subject line
  • Coming up with a polite and professional opening greeting
  • Assisting in organizing my thoughts and structuring the content of my email/Slack message logically
  • Improving the language and tone
  • Checking for clarity
  • Crafting a persuasive call to action
  • Proofreading for grammar

4. Thought leadership

Establishing yourself as a thought leader within the admin community is a very powerful way to elevate your personal brand and professional reputation.

ChatGPT can be a valuable ally in your journey toward thought leadership by assisting you in creating compelling and insightful content that resonates with your audience. Here are some potential ways to do this.

  • Ask for insights on the latest industry trends or advice on best practices—you could then create a piece of content highlighting your unique perspective.
  • Ask ChatGPT to help you draft questions for interviews with industry experts and thought leaders—you could use this info to create interview-style content that showcases your knowledge and connections to the community.
  • Ask ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for webinars, workshops, or presentations related to your expertise.

Real-world example

To illustrate the effectiveness of using ChatGPT for personal branding, let’s share a real-life success story—my own! I used ChatGPT to craft a compelling personal brand statement that I incorporated into my LinkedIn profile.

Here’s the prompt I used:

Craft a clear and compelling personal brand statement that I can display on my LinkedIn profile to effectively communicate my unique strengths, values, and professional identity.

I then shared a few bullet points about my strengths, values, and identity.

Here’s what it came up with:

I’m Brittney Gibson, a social media expert who values connecting and engaging with Salesforce Admins on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. I specialize in sharing creative and unique content that highlights new Salesforce features and updates. My goal is to empower, enable, and elevate Awesome Admins every day.

What next?

In a world where personal branding is critical for professional success, ChatGPT emerges as a valuable ally for admins. By using ChatGPT to help you create content, engage on social media, craft emails or Slack messages, and establish thought leadership, you can set yourself apart as an expert in the Salesforce community.

Don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities ChatGPT and other AI tools can offer. I want to know—how have you used AI to establish or grow your online presence? Tag me on X @brittgibs92, or use the hashtag #AwesomeAdmin to share!


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