10 Important Takeaways for Salesforce Admins from 2023

10 Important Takeaways for Salesforce Admins from 2023


As we approach the end of 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what we’ve learned as a Salesforce Admin community and to prepare for the exciting year ahead. In this blog post, we’ll recap essential insights that will help you walk away from this year ready to tackle 2024.

Let’s dive into our 10 biggest takeaways for Awesome Admins in 2023.

10. Share your insights and experiences with the Salesforce community and product managers

The first big takeaway of the year? Keep on sharing! We wouldn’t be the community we are without ALL of your voices.

This year, we loved seeing you engage and share your insights with each other and directly with Salesforce Product Managers. Your voice not only contributes to product development but also fosters a vibrant community of mutual learning and growth.

Want to see just how big your influence was this year? Check out Admin Preview: Winter ’24 Release Readiness Live where we showcased over 200,000 IdeaExchange points we delivered this release.

9. Prioritize inclusive UI design for accessibility

Embracing inclusive design is not just a trend—it’s a fundamental principle that has resonated with admins for years and will remain a cornerstone moving forward.

As stewards of user experiences, it’s so important to champion inclusive user interface (UI) design by embracing accessibility standards and incorporating best practices. By doing so, you contribute to building an org that’s seamlessly accessible to users of all abilities.

Discover more about the strides Salesforce has taken in enhancing the Salesforce UI this year, specifically geared toward improving accessibility for users with low vision. It’s a testament to our dedication to creating a digital environment that empowers every user, ensuring that no one is left behind.

8. Make the most out of dashboard creation

Raise your hand if you love dashboards as much as we do. What’s not to love? They’re an awesome, customizable visual playground where you can easily make sense of complicated data, make smart decisions, and keep everyone engaged.

This year, thanks to Trailblazer Erick Mahle, we learned an added benefit of dashboard creation—it can also be used to build analytics that demonstrate the value, with actual metrics, that admins like you can bring to the business every day.

Check out his blog post to see how you too can build a productivity tracker to show your return on investment (ROI).

7. Seize the opportunity for Data Cloud insights

We’re just going to go ahead and say it—Data Cloud is a game-changer for admins. Salesforce Data Cloud was built so that Awesome Admins like you could connect, unify, and activate massive volumes of data at scale directly within the Salesforce Platform.

Familiarize yourself with Data Cloud concepts now to unlock its potential. What are you waiting for?

For a deep dive into Data Cloud and its applications, explore this insightful blog post and demo from Salesforce Engineering EVP Muralidhar Krishnaprasad.

6. Be release ready: Plan ahead for smooth transitions

As an admin, one of the most important things you can do is plan and be proactive when preparing for releases. Staying up to date on Salesforce Releases is critical to understanding new features, enhancing security, and ensuring the overall effectiveness of your org’s Salesforce implementation.

One way to always plan strategically for Salesforce Releases is by understanding key release dates and milestones.

Did you know that each release we publish a blog post with all of the important dates you need to mark in your calendar to keep your org release ready?

Check out our release countdown blog for the Spring ’24 release here.

5. Embrace documentation as your most trusted ally

This one seems like a no-brainer takeaway, but it’s important we call it out. Documentation is a key ally for efficient problem-solving, onboarding, updating, and optimizing solutions in your role.

This year, Salesforce Admin and Muley Jennifer Cole brought us two helpful blog posts on documentation and how you can implement it today to enhance your workflows.

Check out her piece on how to write great documentation to help with future problem solving here, and her piece on how to use Salesforce to manage your documentation here.

4. Invest in your professional development with continuous learning

In a rapidly evolving Salesforce ecosystem, it’s more critical than ever to embrace a learner’s mindset to stay ahead. Between building artificial intelligence (AI) skills, exploring new features, and continuously adapting to emerging trends, there’s always something to learn. 😉

You have a wealth of free resources at your disposal, including Trailhead, the Salesforce Admins website, the Salesforce Admin YouTube channel, the Salesforce Admins Podcast, and the Trailblazer Community that you should take full advantage of. Investing time in these learning tools is crucial for career growth and success.

Explore some of these resources for continuous learning here.

3. Continue to go with the Flow

2023 was an exciting year for Flownatics—we saw a LOT of Flow enhancements. Just to name a few…

Salesforce Flow continues to be such a powerful automation tool, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come. Keep going with the Flow so you can design, automate, and optimize your business processes more efficiently!

2. Make the shift to permission sets

If you’ve been keeping tabs on new features for admins each release, you probably noticed that we’ve been sharing plenty of updates with you on the future of user management in Salesforce.

We’ve decided to no longer enforce the end of life of permissions on profiles for Spring ’26. As you’ve seen from our last few releases, we’re hyper-focused on improving the user access and user management experience centered on permission sets and permission set groups. All of the improvements will be focused there and not on profiles. However, we still recommend a permission set/permission set group-led security model for your org—and there’s no better time to start planning than now!

This year, we shared a ton of enhancements and tools to help you optimize user management. Check out some of those enhancements from Admin RRL here, and also check out these user management best practices.

1. Embrace AI and plan for its impact

In 2023, AI has undeniably come into its own, marking a breakout year with no indications of slowing down.

As AI integration becomes more prevalent, admins should proactively embrace AI knowledge and understand potential applications and limitations. We see AI as a companion to your role. It can help you supercharge productivity for yourself and your users by assisting in answering questions, building solutions, and creating automation.

Lucky for you, we published a lot of great content this year to get you started with AI. First, check out this blog post that outlines what Generative AI means for your role. Then, take a peek at this post that will equip you with everything you need to be an AI-minded Salesforce Admin. Want to dive even deeper? We have a whole page on our site dedicated to AI resources just for you.

A year of growth and change

To sum it up, 2023 was all about making smart moves as a Salesforce Admin. From getting cozy with permission sets to riding the AI wave and soaking up knowledge, it’s been a journey of growth.

Each takeaway above is like a friendly nudge, steering you toward success in this exciting world of Salesforce. So, here’s to a new year of learning, innovating, and rocking it as an Awesome Admin!

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