A Salesforce Admin's Guide to TrailblazerDX 2024.

A Salesforce Admin’s Guide to TrailblazerDX 2024


The Trailblazer community is coming back together on March 6-7, 2024, in San Francisco and on Salesforce+ for TrailblazerDX 2024—join us!

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing application development, creating the most significant shift and opportunities for both admins and developers in decades.

At TDX, you’ll learn to supercharge user productivity, automate business processes, and build innovative solutions to deliver the future of business on the Einstein 1 Platform. Get hands-on with the latest low-code innovations across the platform and in AI so you can get ready to deliver them to your users next.

Excited? We are too! Read on to learn everything that’s in store for you at TDX ’24, whether you’re attending in person or watching on Salesforce+.

TrailblazerDX Main Keynote + True to the Core

Two major moments to look out for this year are the TrailblazerDX main show keynote and True to the Core.

Every Developer Is an Einstein: The Future of Development

Join Salesforce CTO and Co-Founder Parker Harris and guests to learn how every developer is an Einstein. See how customers are using CRM + AI + Data + Trust via Einstein 1 Platform to build incredible customer experiences.

If you’ll be following along from home, catch the entire keynote live-streamed on Salesforce+.

True to the Core

Join Parker Harris, product executives, and product managers for a one-of-a-kind question-and-answer forum about our product roadmap.

If you’re watching from home, you can also watch True to the Core live on Salesforce+.

Areas for Awesome Admins to explore

There’s so much for you to see and do at TDX this year. We recommend you check out these areas that will have content just for you, admins.



Camp Design

Learn to build Einstein Copilot Actions and Next-Gen UX through hands-on activities.

Camp Trailhead

Complete Trailhead badges and hands-on challenges!

Community Cove

Connect with Trailblazers and join meetups at the Community Cove Networking area. Plus, gather around the Community Campfire and Trailblazer Theater for inspirational discussions and organic conversations with Trailblazers and community experts.

Want to connect with fellow admins? Be sure to join us in the Community Cove for our two campfires: Admin Networking Knowledge Hour and Learn How to Communicate More Effectively with Stakeholders.

Data Ridge

Watch technical demos of Data Cloud and Tableau and learn from experts.

Einstein Lookout

Get hands-on with Einstein Copilot! Watch demos of prompts, actions, and more.

Platform Park

Learn how to build and secure AI-powered apps and automation, with demos led by Salesforce product experts.

Technical sessions for every attendee

We have more than 300 in-depth technical sessions lined up for you at TDX ’24 that span the entire Salesforce ecosystem. Curious about which types of sessions will be available? Check out this breakdown:

Session Type



A 30-40 minute presentation on a specific product, feature, topic, or solution. The longer length allows for a 5-10 minute Q&A portion with the presenters. A deep dive breakout = 40-75 minutes to allow for a more focused, in-depth presentation, typically technical in nature.


A quick 20-minute introductory and informative session on a specific topic. Can be tips and tricks or a how-to presentation.

Deep Dive Panels

These are longer technical presentations with time for an accompanying Q&A. These sessions are allotted a 75-minute block. In the first 25 minutes, you watch a demo of a real-world technical project, then in the next 50 minutes, the speaker will take questions from the audience and a panel of experts, who will help drive deeper conversation.


Small group discussions on a particular topic. Opportunity to network and discuss common challenges facing the Salesforce community and experts.

Hands-on Workshops

Expert-led trainings to learn a product or skill. Devices may be provided or you can bring your own. Check the session abstract to confirm whether a device will be provided.


Connect with community leaders and product experts from the Salesforce, Tableau, MuleSoft, and Slack communities. These 20-minute interactive sessions are entirely community-led and designed to spotlight the skills, learnings, and expertise that can help elevate Trailblazers’ careers across the Salesforce ecosystem.

For Awesome Admins, there will be 26 breakout sessions and 35 theater sessions, as well as two deep dives on Prompt Builder and Reporting. There are so many great sessions to attend that a portion of the sessions will be repeated to ensure the most popular ones happen more than once. Several sessions will also be recorded to watch on Salesforce+ anytime!

There will be even more AI content in the AI Theater (located in Einstein Lookout), with three repeating sessions back-to-back throughout the event on Einstein Copilot, Prompt Builder, and Data Cloud.

Here are some of our highly anticipated low-code breakout and theater sessions we recommend you check out!

Breakout Sessions

Theater Sessions

Accelerate Your Flow Creation with Einstein for Flow

Speaker(s): Cesar Castro, Vera Serdiukova, Eduardo Guzman, Connor Turco

What to Expect: Join this session to learn about Einstein for Flow, how our proprietary CodeGen model powers the product, and our plans for the future. We’ll also do a live demo so you can see it in action.

3 Key Strategies to Elevate Data Governance and Security

Speaker(s): Rachel Beard 

What to Expect: Learn how to maximize data quality and value, monitor and track user access, and safeguard data to ensure business continuity.

Approach Reporting Like Never Before: Hands-On Deep Dive

Speaker(s): Evan Ponter

What to Expect: Bring a fully charged laptop for this hands-on demystifying of custom report types that will empower you with a revolutionary paradigm-freeing you to confidently query Salesforce data for conclusions. 

5 Tips for Getting Started with Data Cloud

Speaker(s): Arvind Raman, Heather Rinke, Kirsten Schlau

What to Expect: Accelerate time to value with five practical tips and takeaways for a successful Data Cloud implementation from use case discovery to data ingestion and modeling, harmonization, and more.

Automate This! Record-Triggered Flow Patterns

Speaker(s): Aleksandra Radovanovic, Diana Jaffe, Jennifer Cole, Jennifer Lee, Mark Jones, Michelle Hansen

What to Expect: Join us for an in-person version of Automate This! We’ll discuss and show you how to best design your record-triggered flows.

Admin Best Practices for User Management

Speaker(s): Andrew Russo, Cheryl Feldman

What to Expect: Learn the latest user management best practices from the experts. Join Salesforce Product Manager Cheryl Feldman and a Trailblazer to learn how they are applying these best practices in their org.

Automation: What's New and What's Coming

Speaker(s): Antoine Cabot, Rubin Roy, Tulsi Patel, Sam Reynard

What to Expect: Join the automation product teams as they share the innovation coming to Flow Builder, Flow Orchestration, RPA, and IDP in the coming months.

Admin’s Guide to Building Low-Code Salesforce Integrations

Speaker(s): Brian Shea

What to Expect: In this session, admins will learn how to use low-code tools to build integrations on the Salesforce Platform. This session will include brief demos of tools like Flow and Platform Events.

Build No-Code Automations in Slack with Workflow Builder 

Speaker(s): Jim Ray 

What to Expect: Learn how to build automated processes in Slack without a single line of code. We’ll show you how to get started with Workflow Builder and give tips to help jumpstart your automation journey in Slack.

Build Mobile Experiences w/ Mobile App Plus & Mobile Builder

Speaker(s): David Hastie, Irfan Syed

What to Expect: Learn how you can leverage Mobile Builder to customize and create Jobs to be done focused landing pages that work offline.

Check Out Report and Dashboard Recent Features and Roadmap

Speaker(s): David Carnes and Ankita Dutta

What to Expect: Most of us achieve “good enough” when creating reports and dashboards in Salesforce. In this session, we step through features, techniques, and best practices to take your reporting to the next level.

Code Builder for Admins

Speaker(s): James Fryman, Satya Sekhar Chegondi

What to Expect: Less code, more awesome. Join us for a rapid tour of how admins will benefit from Salesforce Code Builder.

Create Trusted Generative AI Apps with Prompt Builder

Speaker(s): Avanthika Ramesh, Kevin Qi, Kumar Kasimala, Luke LeVasseur

What to Expect: Learn to create reliable AI apps using Prompt Builder for Salesforce.

Create a Copilot Action Using a Prompt Builder Template

Speaker(s): Avanthika Ramesh, Tiaan Kruger

What to Expect: Customize Copilot by leveraging the various prompt templates you have available to you within Prompt Builder.

Deep Dive into Generative AI and Prompt Builder

Speaker(s): Deepak Mukunthu, Jaswinder Rattanpal, Kumar Kasimala, Luke LeVasseur, Maya Peterson, Minhaj Khan, Pranav Bhatt, Sangita Gupta, Shane Long, Tiaan Kruger 


What to Expect: Learn how to create generative apps with Prompt Builder and deploy everywhere with prompt templates. Get answers to your burning questions from our panel of generative AI product managers.

Design for User Success: Build Better Lightning Record Pages

Speaker(s): Michael Kolodner

What to Expect: Customize Copilot by leveraging the various prompt templates you have available to you within Prompt Builder.

Deploy AI in Salesforce Mobile with Einstein Copilot

Speaker(s): Andrew Mangano, Will Carpenter 

What to Expect:Bring the power of the self-service copilot experience into a custom branded mobile app, leveraging Mobile Publisher for Experience Cloud.

Elevate Data Protection & Resilience with Salesforce Backup

Speaker(s): Ed Cho, Justin Walden 

What to Expect: Join us to learn about advanced data protection with Salesforce Backup. Uncover new features and exclusive insights into the product roadmap designed to safeguard your data security.

Deploy Secure Mobile Applications with Salesforce

Speaker(s): Kenneth Salkow-Shapiro, Irfan Syed

What to Expect: Learn about how you can deploy secure mobile applications through the Enhanced Mobile Security functionalities available in Mobile Publisher and Salesforce Mobile App Plus.

Enrich Your Dynamic Pages with AI

Speaker(s): Andrew Mangano, Elizabeth Martin 

What to Expect: Learn how to incorporate AI into your user workflows using Einstein Field Generation and Prompt Builder.

Dynamic Components in Low-Code Application Building

Speaker(s): Nate Hossner, Elizabeth Martin

What to Expect: Learn how to use Lightning App Builder with dynamic components to create high-performing record experiences for your users that deliver the right information at the right time.

Get Started with Einstein for Admins

Speaker(s): Ella Marks

What to Expect: Salesforce Einstein is bringing new generative AI capabilities to the Salesforce Platform. Learn generative AI fundamentals and discover what these new innovations mean for Salesforce admins.

Elevate Your User Experience with Screen Flows

Speaker(s): Jeff Kranz, Jennifer Lee, Jennifer Liao, Sam Reynard

What to Expect: Unlock the secrets to building exceptional user experiences with screen flows using the latest features and elevate your flow game with the Lightning Design System — all done using clicks, not code.

How to Govern and Manage Your Business Processes

Speaker(s): Anand Rohra, Vijay Pandiarajan, Antoine Cabot

What to Expect: Learn what it means to govern your automations in order to scale your efforts successfully. Find out how reusable assets help business and IT teams work together.

Get Started with Data Cloud

Speaker(s): Arvind Raman, Melissa Shepard

What to Expect: Get ready to delve into Data Cloud. This session will cover Data Cloud fundamentals, potential use cases, and how to begin your Data Cloud journey.

Launch a Commerce Site in 30 Minutes

Speaker(s): Tim Brown

What to Expect: Join to learn how customers of all sizes get started with Commerce Cloud by launching a simple-to-use self-service reorder portal that gets you to market fast and helps prove ROI even faster.

Getting Started with Einstein Copilot

Speaker(s): Avi Shah, Bradley Walker, Vinay Balasubramaniam

What to Expect: Learn how to build, deploy, and extend your trusted AI assistant in the flow of work. Empower teams across sales, service, marketing and commerce to complete business tasks with intelligent actions.

Learn 10 Slack Productivity Tips and Tricks

Speaker(s): Chris Rodriguez, Jesus Penaloza

What to Expect: Join us to learn game-changing productivity tips and tricks to make the most out of Slack.

Getting Started with Prompt Builder

Speaker(s): Tiaan Kruger, Jaswinder Rattanpal, Joshua Schneyer

What to Expect: Just getting started with generative AI? Come learn about the basics of writing prompts, and then see how to add a custom Sales Email prompt template and generate a field value using AI.

Migrate to Tableau Cloud Faster Than Ever Before

Speaker(s): Evan Slotnick, Scott Smith 

What to Expect: Are you looking for a simple and trusted way to migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud? Join us to learn how the new migration SDK helps you migrate your enterprise to Tableau Cloud.

GPT and Salesforce AI: Prompt Engineering

Speaker(s): Andrew Wilson

What to Expect: Unlock the power of language in AI. This dynamic session explores GPT-driven prompt engineering to turbocharge Salesforce Einstein.

Migrating Permissions: A How-To Session

Speaker(s): Mike Reynolds

What to Expect:We’re migrating permissions off of the profile, but how do we start? This session will guide you through the process of defining your personas and mapping them so you can migrate with ease.

Integrate AI-Powered Insights into Your Customer Journeys

Speaker(s): Justin Craycraft, Ewald Hofman 

What to Expect: Learn to develop generative AI experiences integrating Tableau’s Pulse with Salesforce Experience Cloud using powerful technologies, including Tableau Pulse, Embedding, and REST APIs, LWC, and Apex.

Scale Your Customer Service with AI-Powered Chatbots

Speaker(s): Matt Kaufman

What to Expect: Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Learn how chatbots can serve as your first tier of support, always available to help your customers quickly, efficiently, and with a warm virtual smile.

Lightning-Fast Lightning Experience
Ahmed Ghanem, Nate Hossner

What to Expect:
 Learn how Salesforce is improving the performance of Lightning Experience in 2024: where we’ve been, where we’re going, and best practices for admins and developers building Lightning applications.

Simplify Formula Creation with AI

Speaker(s): Sukrutha Raman Bhadouria

What to Expect:  Explore the future of formulas with “Einstein for Formulas.” Embrace the magic of AI and discover a world where formula creation is redefined by simplicity, efficiency, and limitless possibilities.

Record-Triggered Flows: Best Practices and Design Patterns

Speaker(s): AJ Ashok, Diana Jaffe

What to Expect: Join the Flow Builder product team to learn about tips, tricks, and gotchas when it comes to building record-triggered flows.

Simplify, Manage, and Protect Customer Data

Speaker(s):Bryce Blackwell, Poorva Kaushil

What to Expect: Learn how the newest innovations from Privacy Center and Data Mask can help you minimize data in production and mask data in sandboxes more effectively, and hear about our roadmap.

The Future of User Management

Speaker(s): Jamin Hall, Ben Sklar, Cheryl Feldman

What to Expect: Join Salesforce product managers as they walk through their vision for user management — from enhancing user access within setup to exploring how AI will play a role in the future.

SOQL for Admins

Speaker(s): Michelle Bura 

What to Expect: SOQL can be a powerful tool for admins. Get an introduction to SOQL and learn how it can help you in your day-to-day experience. Attendees will leave knowing how to build a simple select statement.

Supercharge Your Flows with MuleSoft Invocable Actions

Speaker(s): Kelly Gupton, Anshul Rampal, Monica Kanchhal 

What to Expect: Learn how in just a few clicks, you can make your Anypoint automation assets (RPA, APIs, Composer Flows) available in Salesforce as invocable actions.

Taming Salesforce Development Using DevOps Center

Speaker(s): Alan Petersen 

What to Expect: We’ve all seen it — last-minute deployment failures, emergency multi-person bridge calls. DevOps should be a nonevent. Join us to learn how to use DevOps Center to tame deployment complexities.

Unlocking the Power of MuleSoft Composer in Salesforce

Speaker(s): Ismeet Kaur, Shubham Kalsi

What to Expect: This session delves into seamlessly connecting applications, data, and devices using MuleSoft Composer. Learn how to design, build, and deploy integrations without complex coding.

“Spring Clean” Your Dirty AI Data with Admin-Triggered Flows

Speaker(s): Monica Sandberg

What to Expect: Transform AI data cleansing tasks with our groundbreaking approach. Harness the power of record-triggered flows to effortlessly detect and rectify incomplete, duplicate, irrelevant, or corrupted data.

Other can’t-miss content and activations

Road To TrailblazerDX Quest

Get ready for the big event by completing the Road to TDX Quest! Access the tools you need to succeed and get the most out of your experience. Plus, if you complete it by March 5, 2024, you’ll be entered for a chance to win* 1 of 15 Trailhead Branded Tumblers or 1 of 35 Salesforce Associate Certification Vouchers. *Terms and conditions apply, see official rules.

TrailblazerDX Bootcamp

Kickstart your learning experience with TrailblazerDX Bootcamp! Join us on March 3-5 (just before the event) for three days of intensive learning across nine role-based tracks, with the opportunity to take a Salesforce Certification exam at the end. Come into TDX ‘24 with a brand new cert under your belt, and tons of new professional connections.

Interested in TrailblazerDX Bootcamp? Learn more and register here.

Trailblazer celebration

Wind down, mingle with friends, and have fun at the Trailblazer celebration, happening at the Masonic Auditorium on Wednesday, March 6 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. PT. A TDX 2024 badge is required for entry to the Trailblazer celebration.

Salesforce Events app

The Salesforce Events app is your go-to companion for the onsite event experience!

Use this app to create your perfect schedule, explore the event map, and get important event information. Download it in the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store.

There’s so much waiting for you

TrailblazerDX has always been one of our most popular conferences. We love that admins, architects, and developers from around the world can all come together to share their experiences, learn, and engage with each other. Be sure to diversify your TDX learning experience by checking out some of the developer sessions,  architect sessions, and designer sessions.

If you can’t be there in person, we’ve got you — explore 13+ hours of live broadcast technical sessions and deep-dive connected content entirely for free on Salesforce+. And, ✨ new ✨ this year, there will be special time-zone-friendly broadcasts for APAC and EMEA audiences.

In addition to the live experience, this year, 80+ on-demand sessions will be available and packed with exclusive content and moments after the event.

What you can do now

So, what’s next? Here are a few things you can do today to get ready.

  1. Register now if you haven’t already.
  2. Start building your perfect 2-day TDX agenda now with Agenda Builder. Check out our Admin Trail Map to guide you.
  3. Complete the Road To TrailblazerDX 2024 Quest, where you can unlock an exclusive community badge and enter for a chance to win* 1 of 15 Trailhead Branded Tumblers or 1 of 35 Salesforce Associate Certification Vouchers. *Terms and conditions apply, see official rules.
  4. Reach out to us on X or LinkedIn and let us know what you’re most excited about!
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