Einstein Copilot analytics and AI for organizational success

Harness Einstein Copilot Analytics and AI for Organizational Success


As a Salesforce Admin, you know that the rollout of any new solution comes with a few stock questions in tow. No matter how good it feels to accomplish quick tasks with artificial intelligence (AI), eventually someone will ask, “How much is this really helping our company?”

As a component of Salesforce’s Einstein Platform, Einstein Copilot strives to assist your organization in managing daily tasks, intricate workflows, and automations. The goal is to enhance efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness across your operations.

So, how can you measure its effectiveness on your organization’s productivity, you ask? Enter Einstein Copilot Analytics.

I’m excited to present a solution transcending mere tracking, providing invaluable insights into the return on investment (ROI) and overarching value derived from Einstein Copilot implementation within your organization. This post aims to help you unravel this complexity and unlock the true potential of Copilot in your organization’s AI journey using Einstein Copilot Analytics.

Watch the following video for more insight into the problem statement and Salesforce’s awesome solution.

Key definitions used in this blog post:

  • LLM — Stands for large language model and refers to a type of AI model designed to understand and generate human-like text at scale
  • Action — Our most atomic process run by the Einstein Copilot
  • Plan — Decided in the backend by Einstein Copilot according to the end user’s request and performs one or more actions
  • KPI — Stands for key performance indicator and is a measurable value used to evaluate the success of an organization, project, or individual in achieving specific objectives; KPIs are typically aligned with strategic goals and used to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Understanding usability and adoption

We recognize the challenge inherent in altering established habits. Adoption is a gradual process, requiring time to grasp the full potential of integrating a Copilot into your daily workflow. Our confidence in the transformative capabilities of a generative AI (GenAI) assistant drives our encouragement of this behavioral shift among users.

In this nascent phase of exploration and establishing best practices, we’ve crafted a dashboard to empower you in comprehending the utilization of Copilot within your organization. Monitor key metrics including user engagement, adoption rates, and stickiness to track the rollout of Copilot. Gain insight into which actions are utilized and assess their performance. Analyze overall usage patterns to uncover trends and pinpoint areas for enhancement.

Together, let’s navigate this journey of integrating Copilot seamlessly into your workflow, maximizing its potential to streamline and elevate productivity.

The current* list of metrics displayed in the dashboard:



Interactions Per User

Each user correspondence counts as an interaction with Einstein Copilot.

Total Actions Launched

This is the overall number of actions launched by Copilot.

Action Duration

The amount of time it takes an action from being activated to complete

Success Rate

Every action has a flag indicating whether it was performed successfully or not. This measurement captures the average success rate of all actions in a certain time period to shed light on Copilot's performance.

Enabled Users

Number of users that were given the opportunity to use Einstein Copilot

Active Users

Number of enabled users that have interacted with Copilot

Engaged Users

Number of active users that have triggered five or more actions


Percentage of weekly active users that are active on a specific day; DAU / WAU

Adoption Rate

Measuring how the adoption of Einstein Copilot is rolling out in your organization; Active / Enabled

*Note: This is a preliminary list as we’re constantly evolving this solution.

The Einstein Copilot Analytics dashboard overview as per Spring ’24.

At the bottom of the dashboard, we’re displaying a breakdown table per action that enables drilling into standard and custom actions’ usability and performance.

Action usage table allowing a drill down per Copilot action.

And we’re not stopping here…

Demonstrating ROI and value metrics

Unlocking this black box is an industry-wide problem, and we’re pulling up our sleeves to address it. In upcoming releases, we’ll focus on enriching the above mentioned insights and deliver tangible ROI and value metrics. By correlating Einstein Copilot’s usage data with business outcomes, such as increased productivity, reduced manual effort, and operational cost reduction, you’ll be able to showcase the impact of Einstein Copilot on your organization’s bottom line. Armed with this data, you and your organization’s leadership can make informed decisions about resource allocation, training initiatives, and future enhancements.

While certain companies adhere to predefined thresholds for performance evaluation, we recognize the inherent diversity among businesses and individuals. Each organization is distinct, rendering comparisons between them impractical, even within the same industry or ecosystem.

This underscores the significance of consolidating CRM data and other operations into a unified platform. By centralizing this information, you gain valuable insights into the impact of integrating GenAI into your daily operations. This tracking is tailored to your organization’s unique personas and data, rather than relying on external benchmarks.

As performance and productivity improve, the need to measure ROI becomes paramount. This ensures that the benefits derived from leveraging GenAI are accurately quantified, reinforcing the value of its integration within your organization.

When dealing with AI solutions and your business, it’s crucial to stay attuned to the value derived from usage. We’re here to assist you in gaining this visibility.

Taking the wheel

We understand your desire for autonomy and control over your data, recognizing that every business has its unique needs and preferences.

In our upcoming release, we’re excited to empower you further by providing access to Einstein Copilot’s data through Data Cloud. With this enhancement, you can delve into our out-of-the-box calculations, explore raw data, customize reports and dashboards, and incorporate new calculations and KPIs tailored to your specifications. Moreover, you’ll be able to create automation and alerts based on this data, facilitating proactive decision-making.

Already have an established ROI calculation within your organization? Fantastic! Utilize Data Cloud to define this metric and display it according to your preferences.

With these capabilities, you’ll gain invaluable insights to optimize Copilot usage, driving enhanced efficiency and productivity across your organization. Einstein Copilot Analytics is designed as a catalyst for unlocking Copilot’s full potential, empowering users to work smarter and achieve organizational goals more effectively. Harness actionable insights from the analytics dashboard to streamline processes, automate tasks, and foster meaningful change throughout your organization.

Scrolling over the Einstein Copilot Analytics dashboard.

Unlock productivity and efficiency with Einstein Copilot Analytics

Einstein Copilot Analytics is more than just a tracking tool—it’s a strategic asset that revolutionizes the way you manage and optimize Copilot at your organization. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, you’ll be able to demonstrate the ROI of Einstein Copilot, drive greater adoption, and, ultimately, transform your organization’s productivity and efficiency.

Ready to take the next step? Sign up for Einstein Copilot today and unlock the full potential of Copilot for your organization.


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