#NoCodeNovember: Salesforce Experts Share 3 Code-Free AppExchange Apps


The end of the year is approaching so quickly I can smell the Thanksgiving turkey, but there’s plenty of time left to accomplish tasks and attack those challenges head on. I’m not a developer or a Salesforce admin (although I have created my fair share of Apex triggers), however, I know what it’s like to have many projects in the pipeline, while trying to accomplish a lot in a short timeframe. In that situation, as Mike Gerholdt says, “It’s easy to default to what you know,” however, for the month of November, “what you know” does not mean coding. In other words, for the entire month, many Salesforce users are making a commitment to focus on finding creative ways to deliver features without one line of code. This month is #NoCodeNovember.

The good news is there’s an easy way to accomplish this code-free task. The Salesforce AppExchange has thousands of apps built by other brilliant developers. Many of these apps replace the need for code completely. But don’t take my word for it; here are three examples of apps that have replaced code, shared by three Salesforce experts.

Clone this User via Michael Farrington

Before Clone This User (CTU), Salesforce MVP, Michael Farrington was cloning users the old fashioned way: with code. “CTU looks up existing users that serve as the basis for the new one, enters the name and email, and generates the username and password immediately,” shares Michael Farrington, a Salesforce MVP. With zero code, you can clone users from anywhere, even your smartphone, quickly and easily with Clone this User.

Change Guru via Geraldine Gray

“You can use Change Guru as forensic examination of what’s going on in your org. It’s like a black box, and it doesn’t require coding,” shares Salesforce MVP, Geraldine Gray. Change Guru manages changes ranging from daily modifications and scheduled releases, to major projects. Once installed, you can see which fields are being used and which fields are driving activities. You can tell if the checkboxes are actually driving workflow rules or performance. It minimizes risk.

Skuid via Kaede Holland

“No code. No kidding.” is their motto and it fits perfectly for the month of November. With Skuid, you can easily create custom apps and portals at blazing speed…without code. “It took me about one day to really get the hang of it – and now I can build new pages in a matter of minutes (I have no development experience),” shares Kaede Holland, a self-proclaimed Salesforce Whisperer for Column Five and Visage.

For #NoCodeNovember, we’re asking you to choose one free app to install in a developer environment from the AppExchange. Will you join us?

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