Save Time with These AppExchange Apps Admins Love


We know Admins appreciate anything that can save time, and give you more tools in your toolbelt to move faster. This holds true for many different types of solutions on AppExchange (did you know, there are over 5,000?!). With spring cleaning on the brain, we wanted to take a look at apps from AppExchange that will introduce fresh new ways to boost productivity and help you and your users feel organized and motivated. To learn more about which apps #AwesomeAdmins are using and why, we looked to the AppExchange webinar series, Apps Top Trailblazers Can’t Live Without. Here are some of the apps that rose to the time-saving top, and why #AwesomeAdmins love them:  


Chris Pearson, Director, Product Applications, HFF: “Clearbit has a host of attributes that automatically map to your Salesforce and fill in the blanks, and flag duplicates. Plus, with 55 different company attributes (such as industry, revenue, fiscal year end, etc.), and 40+ contact attributes (title, LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, etc.), the app can be used for a lot of great purposes.”

Conga Composer

Shannon Zdanowicz, Business Analyst and Salesforce Admin, ASM International: “We have over 80 nonprofit chapters and right now we’re delivering rosters weekly. Imagine going in and running a report and posting it to 80 separate Chatter groups every week? No thanks!  We use Conga Composer to generate nice-looking documents and automatically send it out via a group email. This saves an endless amount of time from having our poor BAs do all of the file creation.”

Data Quality Analysis Dashboards

Sandi Zellner, Assistant VP, Salesforce Product Manager, Connect One Bank: “This app is for the main standard object. I customized it to the most-used standard object, and added a few similar reports modeled after the existing reports in the app. For instance, using the data quality app, we noticed that users weren’t entering the zip code, but they were entering the rest of the address information. Admins are always looking to make the experience better for users, and little improvements over time sure do add up.”


Chris Pearson, Director, Product Applications, HFF: “How do we get data into Salesforce without creating duplicates? Well, that’s what we use DemandTools for. It’s got powerful algorithms that can help you find and match data from offline sources compared to Salesforce. That keep your org in tip-top shape.”


Gina Marques, CRM Manager, OwnBackup: “We have a pretty interesting process where in addition to e-signatures, we also use it for a fast sale or a new instance that our DevOps team has to spin up. We launched a DocuSign process from within Salesforce and route it internally to about five different departments to get that environment up and running. We get the credentials in the hands of the end customer and communicate it out. It puts a lot of flexibility in the hands of the admin.”

Former Positions

Gina Marques, CRM Manager, OwnBackup: “We’re tracking history when a contact moves from one company to another company. We can see where they’ve been to where they are today with this app. This is really helpful when making sales deals and sales calls and initiating new business.”

Rollup Helper

Liz Morton, Salesforce Admin, Synthesio: “Our customer success managers track their time in Mavenlink, and that syncs to Salesforce. The time is logged in a child object to the opportunity, but it’s not a master detail relationship, nor can it be changed to one. So we needed a way to see the hours at the opportunity level, and Rollup Helper does this. It allows us to roll up summary fields for objects without master detail relationships. This gives our account managers visibility into when a client is leaving or making a purchase.”

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

Sandi Zellner, Assistant VP, Salesforce Product Manager, Connect One Bank: “Reports and dashboards are a basic admin skill, but admins are always asked to do more than what can fit in their day. We have a custom object called “loans.” I put that in our adoption dashboards with the rest of the objects, and found that one of the key reporting fields for execs was hardly ever completed. That realization lead us to create a specific action button on mobile to update those fields with one click. After we implemented that, we saw the data quality of that field increase significantly. That’s a huge time saver.”

Salesforce for iOS and Android Adoption Dashboard and Reports

Sandi Zellner, Assistant VP, Salesforce Product Manager, Connect One Bank:
his app helps when reviewing the user ratio of iPhones vs Android devices. We look at the way our users are logging in, and the versions of the app. I am using this data for planning mobile app testing, i.e. making sure I have created a plan to test the best functionality on devices and formats. This helps us ensure that upcoming feature roll out works smoothly across devices.”

We want to know how you’re keeping organized, productive, and motivated this spring. Share which apps help you save time and champion productivity in the comments and check out more admin apps on AppExchange.

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