Employee-Built Apps to Support Admins During COVID-19


The AppExchange team asked Salesforce Admins how they’re feeling and what they’re doing now. We learned about your new, varying challenges. You wanted to quickly survey customers, without learning another new tool. You asked to build new dashboards, without actually having to build them. Many of you found hope in the support of colleagues, family, and the community. 

We want to help, so here’s a collection of Salesforce Labs solutions you can explore to battle those challenges head-on. We’re highlighting Salesforce Labs because they’re free, prebuilt solutions (apps, components, bolts, etc.), built by Salesforce employees, that users can customize and tailor to fit their needs. We hope this list of solutions is as comforting as the slippers you’ve been wearing since last Saturday.


Back to work

If you’re using the agile approach to project management, leverage Agile Accelerator. It’s free and helps you manage backlogs, sprints, customer stories, defects, and more. 

Prebuilt dashboards

Preconfigure Service Cloud Dashboards includes four dashboards to deliver actionable insights into performance and the customer experience for your executives, service managers, agents, and other team members. 

Automating processes

Automating business flows

With the Launch Flow in Modal Lightning component, build a flow that facilitates the creation of a case, submit feedback on a page, enable a partner to quickly register a deal, and more. Auto-launch the flow as the component renders on the page — all in a modal so as not to interrupt your users’ navigation.

Permission assigning in bulk
Profile and Permission Set Helper creates permission sets from standard or custom user profiles. The generated permission set includes all permissions from the selected profile and is immediately assignable to one or multiple users. This simplifies the management of user profiles and permissions when Salesforce Admins need to upgrade user licenses. You can also assign permissions to new users based on an existing profile. 

Working with customers

Collecting customer feedback 

Gather feedback in Salesforce with Survey Force. Create questions (single select, multi select, and free form text) and deploy via email or your website. Survey results are related to contacts and cases, and reports and dashboards can be leveraged to analyze survey results.


Consent Capture is a flow template for managing consent directly in Salesforce using privacy and data governance objects. Record customer preferences in line with your privacy compliance approach, and configure your own data use purposes and legal bases. 


Need a way to showcase your products online quickly? With the Product Catalog, you can create a mobile-ready app that enhances your existing products for your employees and customers. It helps you shop, browse, and share your newest products with just a few taps. Just add images to your products, throw in a quick blurb, and you’re good to go. When your customers are convinced, you can throw their choices into the cart and the order gets added to their account.

Working with employees

Crisis response

The Crisis Response app helps to prepare for and manage a crisis to support your employees’ well-being and drive business continuity. This includes fast and effective support to address workforce and location impact, respond to employee needs, and keep employees up to date.

Motivating remote teams

Empower your employees to learn Salesforce by installing Trail Tracker. You’ll guide employees through their Salesforce learning adventure on Trailhead. Assign, track, and report on badges earned by your team via prebuilt reports and dashboards to take your Salesforce game to the next level.

Salesforce adoption 

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards provide visibility to relevant user login history and trending, adoption of key features such as accounts and opportunities, and critical sales and marketing productivity enhancers.


A corporate V2MOM is a planning approach used by Salesforce that ensures every employee has a clear understanding of the organization’s priorities, and how their role contributes to the company’s overall success. Use the myV2MOM app to build a V2MOM, engage your employees in conversations, and determine the company’s priorities on an ongoing basis.


Project management 

Track and manage your projects and tasks with Milestones PM. Create new tasks and manage changes to your Salesforce configuration.

Virtual event management

Connect and track events, speakers, venues, rooms, sessions, registered attendees, budgets, expenses, and more — all virtually with the Events app. It includes registrations, Chatter, reports, dashboards, and more. Manage public or private events, or even your internal briefing center.

Volunteer and data management for nonprofits

The Nonprofit Success Pack built by Salesforce.org is an easy-to-use fundraising and constituent management application on the Salesforce Platform. Track households and connections between your organization’s critical constituents. Manage and track donations and donors, pledges, recurring and planned giving, hard and soft credits, users, contacts, volunteers, and more. Reconcile general allocation units, cash, and revenue across your entire organization.


Bonus! Now that you’ve reached the end of this post, have some fun with the Appy at Home activity guide. My 8-year-old son, Parker, liked Spot the Difference


For more apps to respond to the needs of your employees, customers, and community, check out AppExchange COVID-19 Resources.


About Salesforce Labs

Salesforce Labs offers free, customizable solutions built by Salesforce employees. They are available on Salesforce AppExchange for customer use. Salesforce Labs are not official Salesforce products and are not covered by Salesforce support. You should undertake your own assessment in determining whether a Salesforce Labs app meets your needs. 

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