What Type of Salesforce Admin Are You?


#AwesomeAdmins come in all kinds of flavors and each one of you brings unique skills sets to the table, some skills you may not even know you possess.

Check out some of the different Admin personalities we’ve seen and share which one you identify with most!

Curious Astro

Your appetite for learning cannot be quenched. In fact, you probably learned Salesforce by accident. Realizing all the amazing things you could do you never looked back. You have an arsenal of skills up your sleeve that you’ve collected over the years because of pure curiosity and that makes you an amazing problem solver. Oh and you’re well on your way to earning all the Trailhead badges – everything just looks so interesting!

Solo Astro

Solo Astro

You are an expert in pretty much everything related to Salesforce. Your company relies on you for anything from resetting a password to designing a brand new business process automated within Salesforce. With your tentacles in every department, you love to connect the dots and help your teammates succeed. You’re the brains behind every business process!

Connected Astro

Connected Astro

You’re an #AwesomeAdmin because you know about all the different resources Salesforce offers. There is no question you can’t answer because you are 100% plugged into the Admin community and can find the answer to anything by asking. In fact, other Admins come to you because they know you will connect them to the right person or tool that can help them.

Hacker Astro

You prefer developer speak over English. You feel just as comfortable discussing the integrity of your developer’s code as you do talking to an end-user about their dashboard. And, you dive right into complex problems and think of creative ways to use declarative and programmatic tools to solve them.

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