Meet the Dreamforce 2017 Admin Track Presenters


Earning the opportunity to speak in the Admin Track at Dreamforce is almost up there with receiving the illustrious Golden Hoodie. We received 730 submissions to present this year, from which we have chosen 120 fantastic sessions each with original content to share with you. Take a look at how we picked sessions and review our cheat sheet for a list of current Admin Track sessions and speakers.

Dreamforce is fast approaching and we have a lot of fun in store for #AwesomeAdmins. In the meantime, we want to shine the light on our amazing speakers with some fun facts we have collected!

The Admin Track has 368 years of experience!

Our speakers range from first-year newbies to those with 14 years of experience with Salesforce! Between them, they have more than 1000 years of experience combined!

Our Admin Track presenters have had very diverse careers

Before becoming Salesforce Administrators, the Admin Track presenters held a variety of different jobs. Quite a few were project/program managers, analysts, and business coordinators. Some were developers and support professionals that made the switch to Salesforce Admin. But the standout for us was a Platoon Leader – US Army Signal Corps!

These Admins also share unique career paths. Some started in tech, but the majority have a wide array of early skills ranging from retail, food service & babysitting but again there are two standouts: Frozen custard dessert artist and Engraver (Tombstones)!

Admin Track presenters share their advice for Dreamforce

For Admins joining us at Dreamforce this year, here is some advice for key tips to make the most of the learning opportunities at Dreamforce:

  • Take your time, be selective, and enjoy the moment!
  • Network, network, network! You will make new friends and connections from all over the world!
  • Attend Roadmap sessions as they are generally not recorded
  • Have a goal for Dreamforce and let it help shape what you choose to do
  • Ask questions and connect with presenters online to ask follow-up questions
  • Attend sessions with real Admin speakers. They have the best tips!

Get ready for #DF17

Join the Dreamforce for Admins Community Group and engage on social with #DF17

Attend the Salesforce for Admins Keynote

Bookmark sessions from the Admin Track presenters

Visit the Dreamforce for Admins resource page for further resources

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