Recap of Dreamforce ’22 for Salesforce Admins


We blinked—and Dreamforce ’22 has come and gone! If you missed it or are unfamiliar with the event, Dreamforce is the world’s largest tech conference—with a healthy dose of magic. ✨ This year’s Dreamforce spanned 3 days and included both in-person and online experiences for Salesforce Admins, Developers, Architects, and Trailblazers.

Featuring more than 60 theater and breakout sessions in the Admin Meadow, a phenomenal Admin Keynote, and Release Readiness Live (RRL) with an in-person audience for the first time ever, this year was packed full of learning, connection, and (as always) fun!

We know it was a big week with a lot to take in, so we’re here to make sure our admin community has a recap of the big news and key highlights.

And don’t worry if you missed our Admin Keynote or RRL (or you just want to watch them again). These sessions are available to view anytime, anywhere on Salesforce+. It’s free, and all you need is a Trailblazer ID to sign up. Find links to the episodes below!

Let’s dive in.

A focus on the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit

In both the Admin Meadow and our #AwesomeAdmin Keynote, we built upon the success of the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit, launched at Dreamforce ’21. Our keynote featured three exciting announcements for the future of the skills kit, specifically:

  1. A YouTube series
  2. An advisory board
  3. An enablement kit

Folks both in person and online were excited about the development of this program, to say the least. ?

Over the next year, our team will be hard at work creating content and collaborating with the community to bring these initiatives to life. Curious about the skills kit? Start here and then learn more about our community involvement to bring the content to life!

Salesforce for Admins Keynote: Deliver Success

The Admin Keynote, which was broken down into three core chapters, focused on highlighting key ways admins are delivering success within their organizations by utilizing skills from the skills kit. Check out the highlights below and then head over to Salesforce+ to watch each chapter.

Chapter 1 — Engage Stakeholders: Khushwant Singh, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, and #AwesomeAdmin Stephen Driggs shared how to build a customized user experience to boost productivity and drive success, using user management and a designer’s mindset. Stephen’s demo was the first Trailblazer-led demo to ever hit the stage at Dreamforce. This is HUGE!

#AwesomeAdmin Stephen Driggs presenting a live demo on stage at Dreamforce '22 during the Admin Keynote

Chapter 2 — Automate Solutions: Salesforce Flow queen Jennifer Lee and #AwesomeAdmin Selina Choy from the National Aquarium dove into ? (pun intended) teaching the community how to create, maintain, and enhance automated business processes, using their keen process automation and change management skills.

Jennifer Lee speaking at the Salesforce Admin Keynote.

Chapter 3 — Build Success: Monica Roberts, Director, Enterprise Sales at Salesforce, brought us home by sharing how to create customized solutions that deliver real and lasting business value, with an epic demo of Slack in action.

Monica Roberts demos a Slack flow at Dreamforce '22.

And what would a keynote be without a little shine! The show ended with a heartwarming moment between host Mike Gerholdt and our newest Golden Hoodie recipient, Michelle Hansen. So well deserved!

Mike Gerholdt and new Golden Hoodie recipient, Michelle Hansen, taking a selfie.

Don’t forget to check out the Keynote Aftershow for an exclusive interview with Michelle and an analysis of all the awesome news presented on stage.

Release Readiness Live at Dreamforce

For the first time ever, RRL featured a live audience both in person and online, allowing us to have conversations and answer questions with our #AwesomeAdmins—no matter where they were! We can’t thank our product experts Adam White, Cheryl Feldman, Diana Jaffe, George Murnock, Karen Fidelak, and Larry Tung enough for previewing some of the exciting Flow, DevOps Center, and permissions features coming in the Winter ’23 release for admins.

Release Readiness Live Speakers at DF22.
If you missed it live, you can check out RRL on Salesforce+ now.

To discover Winter ’23 highlights and to unlock a special community badge, complete the LearnMOAR trailmix by November 30, 2022!

Admin Meadow and Theater

The Admin Meadow was home to all of our #AwesomeAdmins at Dreamforce this year. For all 3 days, the Meadow was full of passionate and excited admins who visited our demo booths, 1:1 consults, and our skills kit activation. Staffed by Salesforce experts, our demo booths focused on topics near and dear to our hearts, like:

  • The Admin Skills Kit: Focusing on the ways to be a successful Salesforce Admin utilizing our Admin Skills Kit
  • Admin Best Practices: Sharing tips and tricks from experienced admins
  • User Management and Adoption: Empowering your users to learn and love Salesforce
  • App Building and Automation: Configuring delightful user experiences

The Admin Meadow at Dreamforce 2022.

If you couldn’t attend Dreamforce in person, we have resources and tools covering all of the above topics available on

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the Admin Theater was home to the most epic, confetti-filled karaoke night on Tuesday during the Trailblazer Forest Homecoming. We have so much talent in our community, and it was so much fun to sing along!

A Salesforce Admin on stage in the Admin Theater singing karaoke.

Salesforce Genie

In case you missed it, the BIG announcement at the Dreamforce Main Keynote was Salesforce Genie. Salesforce Genie is a real-time data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 to allow for personalized consumer experiences, and continuously adjusts to customer information and needs.

For admins, this means you can surface the most relevant workflows based on Genie’s real-time data with Flow (which can respond to real-time events), build apps and automate with low-code magic, and scale as your business grows with security, compliance, and privacy. Check out all of the new features and possibilities with Salesforce Genie!

Phew. We covered A LOT in 3 days.

Until next year

We’re so grateful for the #AwesomeAdmin community’s support to make Dreamforce such an incredible success this year. For those that joined either in person or online, we hope you enjoyed all of our good stuff, no fluff content. And don’t worry, the learning doesn’t stop here! We created a special DF ’22 Admin Keynote Trailmix that covers many of the topics and features mentioned above.

Officially starting our countdown until we see you at Dreamforce 2023 ?️!


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