Awesome Admin Highlights from Dreamforce 2023.

Awesome Admin Highlights from Dreamforce 2023


In a flash, Dreamforce 2023 has come to a close, leaving us with a clear vision of how #AwesomeAdmins are empowered to shape the future of business.

Whether you joined us in person or streamed content on Salesforce+, this year’s Dreamforce illuminated a path to a 🌟bright future🌟 for admins, driven by the latest technology and innovations in artificial intelligence (AI).

Join us as we dive into a recap of the inspiring Admin Keynote, goodie-filled Admin Release Readiness Live (RRL), and 60+ theater and breakout sessions in the Admin Meadow.

Admin Keynote: Deliver the Future of Business

The Admin Keynote focused on highlighting key ways admins like you are driving the future of business within your organizations.

As Salesforce has continued to innovate, delivering new products and tools 3x a year, admins have kept pace, learning new skills to leverage these tools. Now, as you take on the latest innovations in AI, there are endless possibilities for you to supercharge productivity within your organization. Each chapter of the keynote gave us a view into the ways admins are solving real-world business challenges with the latest technology and low-code tools like Flow Builder, App Builder, Data Cloud, and the newly added Prompt Builder.

Check out the highlights below and then head over to Salesforce+ to watch the full session.

Chapter 1—Automate Processes: John Kucera, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, shared how to use the power of Flow and add AI with Einstein for Flow to create flows even faster.

John Kucera presenting in the Admin Keynote at Dreamforce 2023.]

Chapter 2—Build Solutions: Jennifer Lee showed us the power of Data Cloud, Data Cloud-triggered flows, and validation rules. We also saw a Trailblazer-led demo from Myra Wilson of Trimble, Inc. showcasing how she used MuleSoft Composer to create an integration without code.

Jennifer Lee and Myra Wilson presenting on stage in the Dreamforce Keynote.

Chapter 3—Supercharge Productivity: Khushwant Singh, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, demonstrated the power of AI with Prompt Builder and the ways YOU can supercharge every workflow with trusted AI prompts.

We also saw highlights of Dynamic Forms on mobile and of user access, as well as the second Trailblazer-led demo from Kat Aquino, the #AwesomeAdmin for the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Kat showed us how she created an app to help her organization manage venues.

Khushwant Singh and Kat Aquino presenting in the Admin Keynote at Dreamforce 2023.

Take a peek at the official recap on Salesforce+ and keep the learning going on Trailhead with the official DF ’23 Admin Keynote Trailmix.

Admin Release Readiness Live

RRL came to you live this year from Dreamforce and on Salesforce+ (new!). We provided a first look at the top features for admins from the Winter ’24 Release, presented live demos of exciting product innovations for Flow, user access, and Dynamic Forms, and engaged in a live Q+A with folks both in the room and online.

Although there are so many innovations for admins in this release, we saw an overwhelming amount of excitement for Product Manager Cheryl Feldman’s surprise announcement that field-level security on permission sets now features a ‘Select All’ option!

Continue to #LearnMOAR about the features coming in the Winter ’24 Salesforce Release here.

The Admin Release Readiness Live team standing on stage after the live show at Dreamforce 2023.]

If you missed it live, check out RRL on Salesforce+ now.

Learning in the Admin Meadow & Theater

The Admin Meadow was home to all #AwesomeAdmins at Dreamforce and was the place for admins to start paving their path to a bright future. For all 3 days, admins visited demo booths, 1-to-1 consults, and the Future Finder activation where they could discover a personalized path to their future potential. If you couldn’t join us in person, we also have an online version of the Future Finder available here!

Our demo booths this year were staffed by Salesforce experts who focused on topics near and dear to our hearts, like user management, app building and automation, admin skills, and data management and reporting.

As always, our Admin Theater sessions and breakout tracks featured admins presenting to their peers on topics like Einstein for Flow, Being a Solo Admin, and several sessions exploring Data Cloud. The admin track featured 60+ sessions and 107 speakers and gave opportunities for all admins to learn more about the products and tools they need to be successful. You can check out a few of the great sessions in our #AwesomeAdmin collection on Salesforce+.

The Admin Theater was also home to another epic, fun-filled karaoke night on Tuesday! We have so much talent in our community, and we had a blast singing along.

A collage of pictures of Salesforce Admins learning and having fun in the Admin Meadow at Dreamforce 2023.

Until next year

We’re so grateful for the #AwesomeAdmin community’s support to make Dreamforce a celebration of learning, community, and fun. And don’t worry, the learning doesn’t stop here! We created a special DF ’23 Admin Keynote Trailmix that covers many of the topics and features mentioned above.

Officially starting our countdown until we see you at Dreamforce 2024!


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