Salesforce Admin: Mary Olson Fajimi


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Admin Hero: Aaron King
Admin Motto: There’s always a way
Favorite Feature: Quick Access Menu (Classic), Edit Object from Setup icon (Lightning)

Why did you become an Admin?

Salesforce was the ecosystem that brought my varied and disconnected technology and design experience together in one place. As a user, I recognized that it was a relational database. Using Salesforce more, first as a power user and then as an Admin, I realized that my little bits of experience with HTML, CSS, Java, and more all came together and were useful in one place. The more I worked in Salesforce, the more I realized what I could do with my existing skills.

What is the most important skill for an Admin?

The most important part of my job as an Admin is to make sure we are implementing solutions that enable people to do their jobs better, faster, and easier. My favorite way to do that is by looking at metadata. I love playing with metadata! Making good decisions about metadata makes me happy and my users more successful.

What’s your advice to other Admins?

You don’t have to know everything. Your ability to troubleshoot & figure things out is probably what brought you to being an Admin, so embrace that! There’s a huge community full great people and tons of resources to help you.

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