Salesforce Admin: Ryo Takahashi


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Admin Motto: Everything is possible in Salesforce!

Feature: Process Builder, Workflow, Email Alerts

Fun Fact: I love Spider-Man A LOT.

Why did you become a Salesforce Admin?

I first started using Salesforce as an end user, and found it frustrating because it wasn’t convenient and easy to use. That motivated me to study how to improve the system, so I learned about all the different settings and even some Apex and visualforce. As I got to know more about how Salesforce works, I realized that my hobby experience with html, css, and computer programming we really useful in helping me understand how to customize the platform. I knew that I could use my experience to improve our company’s use of Salesforce, so I volunteered to be a the Salesforce Admin.

What’s your favorite part of being a Salesforce Admin?

My favorite part about being an Admin is that I get to deliver large-scale projects in a short period of time in innovative ways.

What is the most important skill for a Salesforce Admin?

The most important skill for an Admin is the ability to listen, learn, and be curious.

An Admin needs to listen carefully to understand what people are really asking for when they request new features and functionality. Salesforce Admins also have to enjoy learning new things because there is always more to learn in the Salesforce ecosystem.

What’s your advice to other Salesforce Admins?

You can do anything in Salesforce. If you are new to Salesforce, don’t be intimidated. You are not the only one trying to learn. There is a whole community of people ready to help you answer questions, and you can probably find your answer in solutions that others have shared.

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