Salesforce Admin: Samantha Safin


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Admin Motto: Don’t panic
Fun Fact: I used to write obituaries
Favorite Feature: Reports & Dashboards

Why did you become an Admin?

I became a Salesforce Admin by accident. I took on a role that required me to be an Admin, but I had to learn on the job since I didn’t have experience being an Admin. As soon as I started watching training videos and learning about Salesforce, I realized this was a huge opportunity for me that I wasn’t going to waste. I decided to become a certified Salesforce Administrator because I had to be part of this incredible community.

What is the most important skill for an Admin?

Admins have to be problem solvers. My favorite part about being an Admin is finding something that I get stuck on and working through it to solve the problem because I love puzzles. There are so many ways to solve problems with Salesforce and so many ways to find answers in the community, that you’re never really stuck.

What’s your advice to other Admins?

The most important thing to remember is: don’t panic! Often, people get overwhelmed when they don’t know something. As an Admin, you don’t have to be an expert in everything. Focus on one thing that really interests you, and get good at that. Then you can share that expertise with the community, who can help you in other areas that you don’t know too well. For example, if you’re really good at process builder, but can’t write a formula to save your life, that’s OK! There are lots of people in the community who know how to write formulas and are eager to help you figure it out.

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