✔︎ Your Checklist to Discover Lightning


It’s the first week of Month of Lightning and we’re taking the time to Discover all the amazing aspects of Lightning. This week I want you to focus on learning, evaluating and aligning your company so you are set up for success when you roll out Lightning.

Check Yourself

We compiled a check list of actions you can take this week to discover Lightning and by the end of the week, we want to see how far you’ve come!

☐ Complete the Discover Lightning trailmix in Trailhead
☐ Sign up for Developer Org, Lightning and do the 5 Lightning Experience tricks in this post
☐ Pick your favorite Lightning feature
Run the Readiness Check in your org and sign up for a consult to dig deep
Preview your org in Lightning using the Migration Assistant
Identify company stakeholders
Schedule a meeting with a colleague or team that you can present Lightning. Use Lightning in a Box for sample presentations and demos.

Download this checklist.

Get Help

If at any point you feel stuck, we have a lot of resources available to you, and a community of #AwesomeAdmins waiting to help! We’ll also be sharing more content this week. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post on Activity Actions! Check the Month of Lightning page for what’s coming up throughout the week and the rest of the month.

Salesforce has so many resources for you to get skilled up on Lightning. Here are some to help you along the way this week:


? Trailhead:

? Blogs:

? Webinars:



  • Identify stakeholders and an executive sponsor
  • Educate your company with presentations and demos. You can use Lightning in a Box to help you.

Get involved this week!

Lightning Rollout Phases

This checklist is designed for admins in the Discover phase of Lightning. If you have learned about Lightning and a ready to move some of your users to Lightning, check out the rollout checklist!

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