✔︎ Your Checklist to Optimize Lightning


It’s the last week of Month of Lightning and we’re spending the week looking at ways to optimize our org in Lightning. This week, focus on measuring, iterating and communicating your Lightning Experience rollout.

Check Yourself

We compiled a checklist of actions you can take this week to optimize Lightning and by the end of the week, we want to see how far you’ve come! Make a copy of the checklist to keep track of your progress.

☐ Complete the Optimize Lightning trailmix
☐ Survey your Lightning Experience users for satisfaction and pain points
Address issues or concerns that arise from the survey or general superuser feedback
Download the Lightning Adoption Tracker App to evaluate how your rollout is going
☐ Try out a component from the AppExchange
Run the Lightning Readiness Check again

Download this checklist.

Get Help

If at any point you feel stuck, we have lots of resources available to you and a community of #awesomeadmins waiting to help!

Here are some more resources:

Evaluate how things are working to see if you’re hitting your success metrics

Enable new features, take advantage of Salesforce tools, build cool apps to bring on more departments and tinker with new components:


Get involved this week!

  • Share your checklist progress by the end of the week on Twitter using #LightningNow.
  • Find us on twitter and the success community using #LightningNow and the group: Lightning Now

Lightning Rollout Phases

This checklist is designed for admins ready to optimize their Lightning Experience org. If you’re not there yet, check out the discover and rollout checklist posts!

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