Bring the Summer ’18 Release to Your Users


New releases are always exciting! They bring new features, functionality, and enhancements that make your users more productive. They also help you continue to innovate as an Admin on the platform. We want to make sure you are enabled to bring these enhancements to your users so we’ve hand-picked some top new features for you to take a look at in Release Readiness Live. We’ve also put together a sample presentation in the Release in a Box enablement kit so you have all the tools you need to present these features to your users.

Highlights from RRL Admin Preview

On May 25, 2018, the Admin EVs and PMs prepared you to bring awesome new features to your users this Summer. If you weren’t able to log in and join us live, or if you just want to relive the fantastic demos (and Mike’s swim floaties), you can catch the recording here.

Watch the recording

Reports and Dashboards

Liz Skaates, Senior Manager, Product Management kicked off the first segment of Admin Preview Live by talking about the new features coming to Reports and Dashboards. Here are the highlights:

—Lightning Report Builder is now GA
—Formatted exports are now supported so you can have a WYSIWYG view
—You can view joined reports in Lightning

—Last run date is now an available option to choose when viewing reports
—Field history reports can have new value field or old value field to filters
—Alex Sutherland’s AppExhange idea is now reality: Sub folders, sub-sub folders, and sub-sub-sub folders! (We’ll hold for applause ??)

You’ll have to watch for Liz’s full demo, but here are her best practices for folder organization and reports management:

Custom Metadata Types

Vladimir Gerasimov, Senior Manager, Product Management continued the momentum with a mind-blowing session on Custom Metadata Types. So what can Custom Metadata Types do for Admins? Check out the highlights from Vlad’s segment:

— They can store any custom data about your org or apps
— Deploy records in managed and unmanaged packages as well as change sets
— They can be used in flows
— Make package configuration easier for Admins
— Records can now be used in Validation Rules!

Here’s a screenshot of Custom Metadata Types in action:


And stay tuned for the new Trailhead module coming out soon focusing on how Admins can use Custom Metadata Types!

Einstein Prediction Builder

Sara Asher, Director, Product Management kept the Summer ’18 fun rolling in the third segment all about Einstein Prediction Builder. Einstein Prediction Builder is in beta for the summer release. It is a tool for Admins that gives them the ability to create their own custom predictions within Salesforce. Admins are able to use their knowledge about problems in their org, feed that information into the Prediction Builder wizard, and get custom predictions pushed back to their org to integrate into current business processes and solve problems!

Sara’s demo is amazing, and built-out to show lots of goodness. To get the most out of her segment, click through to 28 minutes and jump in from there.

Other New Features for Admins and End-Users

LeeAnne Rimel, Principal Admin Evangelist closed the new product segments of Release Readiness Live, sharing other new features that would be available in Summer ’18 that would be particularly helpful to end-users and Admins. Here are the highlights she was most excited about:

— There are now more ways to discover and adopt Lightning. Better in Lightning pop-ups, the Lightning Usage app, and the ability to turn on Auto-Switch if Lightning is already enabled in your org are two of the most noteworthy ways.
— End-users can display Trailhead badges right in their Salesforce environment profile!
— Customization updates such as:

  • New standard component: topics
  • Security Health Check grades
  • Predefine task/event subjects
  • Dupe jobs on custom objects
  • Debug flows

Plus all of these:


There was also two lively question and answer sections in this webcast that had tons of great information, so be sure to watch for both of those as well.

Now it’s your turn! Present New Features to Your Users

So now you’ve read the Release Notes, watched Release Readiness Live, and are ready to bring a wave of summer fun to your users. Download the Release in a Box enablement kit! This kit has everything Admins need to prepare and deliver a 30-minute presentation on Summer ’18 end-user functionality to their team, stakeholders, or user group.

Download kit

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