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The experience of Dreamforce is like no other event you’ll be a part of in the Salesforce ecosystem. Everywhere you turn, there are incredible opportunities to learn, connect, have fun, and give back. As we prepare for this momentous event again this year, we want to cover each major aspect so that #AwesomeAdmins far and wide feel prepared! A few weeks ago, we shared how Admins can learn at DF19, and this week we want to share some opportunities to have fun and give back in the Admin Meadow!

Fun in the Admin Meadow

Admin Theater Sessions:

Admin Game Night, Welcome Jamboree, Tuesday, Nov 19, 5-7pm 

What better way to reconnect with all of your #AwesomeAdmin peers than to join us for happy hour during the Welcome Jamboree! First night of Dreamforce, from 5-7 p.m. the Admin Meadow will be open and hosting the inaugural Admin Game Night! #AwesomeAdmins will take the stage to show off their best tips, Demo Jam-style as well as their skills at Salesforce-ifying a song, rap, or pun to share! Did we get your wheels turning? Share your idea in the submission form below, or “nominate” someone who’d be great at either activity by sending them the form link: Submit your ideas!

#AwesomeAdmin Trivia, Admin Theater, Wednesday and Thursday, at 12 pm

Test your Salesforce knowledge and keep your wits sharp, #AwesomeAdmin trivia is back and it’s taking over the lunchtime theater slot! From 12-12:20pm the Admin Theater will host a lightning-fast trivia showdown.

Admin Spotlight
Step into the spotlight and celebrate what makes you an #AwesomeAdmin. Get the opportunity to choose the words that highlight what a Salesforce Admin is to you!

Welcome Desk
Have questions or need help getting oriented while at Dreamforce? Stop by the Admin Meadow Welcome Desk. You can learn about the quest, how to sign up for 1:1 consultations, and any contests happening.

Get Ready for Dreamforce Series
Our first video in this year’s Get Ready for Dreamforce video series highlights all the cool things happening in the Admin Meadow for both in-person and remote attendees. Take a look!

Give Back Opportunities at Dreamforce

Whether it’s striking up a conversation with a newbie or sharing your expertise at a booth, there are many ways to give back at Dreamforce.

Share your Salesforce Expertise
We have opportunities for you to share your knowledge as #AwesomeAdmin experts in the Admin Meadow. Opportunities are 1.5 hours each and allow you to demonstrate your wisdom and skills while still taking advantage of all of the excitement that Dreamforce brings.

How to sign-up?
For sign-ups, we use an online scheduling tool called Shiftboard. If you don’t already have an account with Shiftboard, register for an account here:

If you already have a Shiftboard account, please login here to view available shifts.

Shiftboard Deets:

  1. ‘Calendar’ tab is your home base to view all volunteer opportunities at DF19.
  2. Click on any of the available positions to read about booth details and level of expertise.
  3. To sign up, click ‘Take This Shift.’
  4. To add shifts to your calendar, click the calendar icon.
  5. If you need to reschedule, you can ‘unconfirm’ a shift until November 14 (5 days before DF). After that, you can offer your shift for trade, meaning someone must take your shift or else we need you to be there.
  6. There is a mobile app to use onsite but we highly suggest that staffers send shifts to their calendars.

The Equality Summit will also be taking place on Thursday, more details on that coming soon. Monitor the Office of Equality Twitter handle for updates! There will also be an Equality Festival, November 21, 2019 in the evening.

The United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) will be front and center at Dreamforce. Learn how companies, countries, and individuals are taking steps to address the world’s most pressing challenges. The Trailhead Zone will have opportunities for you to learn more.

Explore all the ways we’re giving back at Dreamforce on the “Road to Dreamforce: Dreamforce as a Platform for Change.”

Now you’ve read about how and what to learn at Dreamforce and opportunities for fun and giving back. Next, we’ll outline how you can connect with us both on-site and anywhere else in the world. Look out for a new blog post soon!

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