Learn MOAR about Five Popular Ideas Delivered in Winter ’20


Discover Winter ’20 Release features! We are sharing five release highlights for Admins (and Developers), curated and published by Salesforce product experts, as part of Learn MOAR. Complete the trailmix by October 31, 2019 to get a special community badge and unlock a $10 contribution to FIRST®.

The Salesforce Winter ’20 Release has tons of great stuff for Admins. Here are five features coming in Winter ’20 that I’m super excited about and that our community has helped to shape! Our customer feedback is instrumental to the innovation delivered with release features, and we want to hear from you! Make sure to join the IdeaExchange Reimagined group on the Trailblazer community to participate in future product prioritization and feedback.

Lightning Recycle Bin

#Realtalk, we’ve all been waiting for this one. Finally, I can find that contact that one of my team members (or maybe even me 😅) accidentally deleted and restore it to the proper account. If you haven’t transitioned to Lightning yet, let the new Lightning recycle bin be your inspiration to make the move!

screenshot of the org recycle bin showing deleted items

Opportunity Contact Role is a full-featured object

This is another very popular long-awaited feature getting delivered in Winter ’20. This means that you can customize OCRs like any other object and use them in Process Builder and Flows, and even triggers too. This is a very big deal for everyone, especially for non-profits that use the Opportunity Contact Role to identify whether or not someone is a donor.

“Where is this used” is now generally available!

Looking to see if a mystery field has been used in an ancient report before you get rid of it? Now you can! This feature will show you all (*okay, almost all–check the release notes for details!) the places a field is used, including formulas, email templates, reports, and more!

Lightning Record Pages assignable to specific Record Types

This is another long-requested and very useful feature: the ability to assign a Lightning Record Page to a specific Record Type on an object just like our old friend, page layouts. This makes Lightning Record Pages even more useful. Start thinking about creating different Lightning Record Pages for your objects!

Lookup Fields in Flow

Look, we love flow, and we also love Lookup Fields, so having them in a Screen Flow makes tons of sense. This also saves a bunch of time, because now you don’t have to create a variable then assign that element to the variable, and so on. It’s just one step to lookup.

There you go—five popular features from the IdeaExchange coming in Winter ’20! What are YOUR favorites that you’re excited to see? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


This blog post is also part of “Five Things for Salesforce Admins”— a blog series where Sr. Admin Evangelist Marc Baizman dive into various Salesforce features and talks about five ways you may not have thought about using them before! 

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