5 Ways You Can Use Emoji ? to Delight ❤️ Your Users and Drive ? Adoption


Adoption is a key component to every Salesforce Admin’s success. If you’re ready to take adoption to the next level, let’s talk about Emoji ?! Emoji are everywhere! You’ve probably had text message conversations consisting entirely of emoji! According to emojipedia, there are 2,666 emoji and the most popular one is ?. If you want to learn more about emoji, including what new ones will be added in 2018, check out Unicode’s website. And yes, there is a podcast just about emoji. Using emoji within Salesforce can be a great way to engage your users and drive adoption by providing a more visual and fun experience for everyone. Let’s look at 5 ways you can use emoji to amp up adoption in your Salesforce org:

1. Use emoji in Chatter

As of the Winter 18 Release, you can now add emoji to your chatter posts, to make them more fun and personal. Give it a try!

Sample chatter post with emoji

2. Include emoji in help text or error messages to make them friendlier

Having emoji included in Help Text or Error Messages can make things more approachable and feel more informal, even when the system has to prevent someone from doing something.

Friendly error message with emoji

3. Use emoji as default values in fields as a reminder to enter data

You can have emoji as default values which can be a visual reminder to people to change the data within a field.

Default text with emoji as a reminder to edit

4. Use emoji as picklist values to help people choose the right option

You can even use emojis as values within a picklist to help guide people to choose the best option. Here a picture can be worth a thousand words!

Status picklist with values of sad face happy face and medium face

5. Use emoji as a formula field “result” to visually indicate something

You can use emoji as the “result” in a formula field to help show something. For example, you may want to indicate if all key fields have data entered, and have a formula field to display this. The resulting emoji could very quickly show if those fields have been populated or not.

Formula field showing key fields populated results in happy face in sunglasses

Those are just a few ideas of how to use emoji within Salesforce – but I’m sure there are lots of others! #AwesomeAdmins, can you think of other ideas? Let us know! Post in the Admin Trailblazers group, tweet at us @SalesforceAdmns, and have fun with emoji!

Accessibility Note: Emoji and screenreaders don’t always play well together – if you have users who have screenreaders, you may want to go easy on the emoji unless the meaning is very obvious.

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