Introducing Admin Center: A New Home for Salesforce Administrators


We know #AwesomeAdmins spend their days helping their users become more efficient and more effective. You are the people who bring innovation to life. You are always innovating for your users, but what about innovating the way that YOU, as an admin, work? Wouldn’t it be great to see all of your key workspaces in one place so you can be even more productive?

My team and I believe the answer is a resounding YES, which is why I am super excited to tell you about Admin Center.

What is Admin Center?

Admin Center is our vision for a better admin experience that makes admins more productive. Log in to this one central command center to monitor and take quick action on key admin responsibilities.

You’ll have access to guided setup flows, learning, and improved org management tools — PLUS, you’ll have the flexibility to customize your admin page in a way that works for you. You’ll be able to start your day from one place, where you can see critical information you need to manage your Salesforce org.

What’s the background on this feature?

Admins work hard to deliver value for their businesses by making their users productive, so we wanted to build something that makes our #AwesomeAdmins more productive. We heard your feedback from True to the Core to make your experience better, and we’ve spent time with you to understand what that means to you. From novice admins, we found that you often ask, “How do I…?” and “Where do I start?”, and really want better guidance in the form of guided setup, best practices, in-context learning and help, and an easy place to ask questions and get support. On the other hand, our seasoned admins want the ability to see as much information from one place as possible, take action quickly, and deeply customize the experiences for themselves (and their teams when applicable).

With your feedback in mind, we began a cross-team collaboration effort to design a new and cohesive experience that brings together the power of Salesforce to help you set up and manage your orgs.

Take a look at this sneak peek of Admin Center.


How will Admin Center help me?

Start your day with a single pane view of the most important things you need to manage your org. View the latest Optimizer recommendations, Security Health Check results, and notifications of impacts to your org. Easily deep-dive into additional specialized Centers when needed.

Get tailored guidance from Salesforce to help you set up and manage your org, prepare for releases, and more! Easily access Prescriptive Setup and other recommended guided checklists from your homepage. Take guided lists with you in a companion view that is easily accessible anywhere in your org.

Access new and improved Support resources that give you better visibility into Open Support Cases, provide you with self-service options, and make it easier for you to contact Support within your org.

Customize Admin Center according to how you work, using declarative tools you’re familiar with. Admins are not one size fits all, so we give you control over how this page will look. Choose from Salesforce components, Partner components, and even your own components.

Access streamlined versions of your most frequent tasks, such as managing users and importing data, so you can be more efficient.

In addition, we continue to listen to other ideas you’ve told us, such as:

  • Component notifying admins of upcoming relevant Pilots
  • Impact assessment graph to understand downstream impact of a change

Admin Center is not yet available, but you can help us shape the direction of the product by providing us additional feedback about functionality you would like to see within it. Please share your ideas and thoughts with us at

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