Learn MOAR in Winter ’21 with Einstein Bots ?


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Let’s talk about bots, admins! These days, now more than ever, all of us are thinking about how to better serve our users and customers in new digital ways. This is where bots become your new best friends. Bots are a very powerful way to help your users spend their time more efficiently, because bots help customers get the answers they need quickly. Admins, we are bot builders. For several years we’ve had the ability to build bots, but now, with Winter ’21, we’ve got some new tools to make building bots easier and quicker.

Whether you’ve never built a bot or have built many, the new Guided Setup Flow will help you up your bot game. We now have a template to help you build bots for common use cases like create a case, create a lead, add a case comment, or look up an order. The template also has optimized conversational text and flows to help you get the bot up and working quickly.

3 easy steps to get started building your own bot

1) Choose your Bot Name and Language

2) Select your Bot Use Cases

3) Link your Embedded Service Deployment

And… GO!

This sweet, new bot-building experience will help you not only build and deploy bots faster but also learn about bot best practices, like conversation design. And, if you’re a bot pro already, you can now use this flow to quickly spin up a bot from scratch that you can customize.

Ready to join the bot party? Learn more in the release notes and join us for the Winter ’21 Admin Preview during Release Readiness Live on September 18 at 11:15 a.m. PT to see a demo and get your questions answered by our resident bot expert, Product Manager Bhaskar Garg.



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