Get Ready for the New Salesforce Mobile App Spring ‘20 Auto Upgrade


In Winter ‘20, the new Salesforce mobile app went GA and was the most significant mobile upgrade since the original launch of Salesforce1! In the Spring ’20 release, all users — including both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience users — will be automatically upgraded to the new Salesforce mobile app experience.

This automatic upgrade is a great opportunity for you as the #AwesomeAdmin to increase adoption of the Salesforce mobile app within your org. Carve out some time to visit with your users, practicing Salesforce Administration by Walking around (SABWA), to show them new features and ways for them to be even more productive.

Let’s dive in and check out what’s new for admins and end-users!


What is the new Salesforce mobile app?

With the new Salesforce mobile app, your entire business is instantly mobile, conversational, and smart – all powered by Salesforce Lightning.

Admins have more power than ever to create mobile experiences that delight users and ease their workload across devices with components optimized for mobile. Salesforce users get a unified experience working across desktop and mobile, no matter how or where they work.

Increase mobile productivity

Increase productivity from anywhere with richer record pages, a new modern navigation bar, content-rich and custom notifications, and quick access to all your custom-built Lightning apps with App Launcher.

Work smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Access intelligence features including: Einstein Analytics, Einstein Voice Assistant (beta), and Einstein Search (beta) from your phone.


Build faster with low code

You will now have a unified experience between desktop and mobile, powered by Lightning. Build custom apps once and deploy them on both desktop and mobile instantly.

Who is affected by this change?

This change will only affect the downloadable app on mobile phones. There will be no changes to the downloadable app on tablets (iOS and Android).

Do users have to download a separate app?

No. This is an upgrade to the experience within the existing Salesforce mobile app, which is already available on the App Store and Google Play.

What actions do I need to take?

If you do nothing, all your mobile phone users will be automatically upgraded in Spring ’20. However, we highly recommend that admins enable the new Salesforce mobile app using the Salesforce mobile app QuickStart page in Setup today.

To make this the smoothest transition possible for your users, please go to the New Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart page to turn it on now in Setup today. Learn how #AwesomeAdmins can set up and start customizing the new Salesforce mobile app in the trailmix below today!


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