Top Content for #AwesomeAdmins in 2020


2020 has come to a close, and now is the perfect moment to look back and reflect on all we’ve learned and accomplished.

#AwesomeAdmins learned a lot last year, whether through Trailhead badges, blog posts, podcasts, or videos. We’ve rounded up some of our most popular pieces of content from 2020. If you missed any of it, now’s the perfect time to catch up before we dive into 2021.

Here are the top admin highlights and resources from 2020!

Blog posts

1. Critical Update: Ensure Users Have Access to @AuraEnabled Methods
Salesforce made a critical update in the Winter ’21 release to make orgs more secure. This critical update enforces user profile restrictions for Apex classes used by Aura and Lightning Web Components. Users will need to have permission in their profiles or permission sets to access an Apex class. Aura or Lightning Web Components that call @AuraEnabled methods contained in these Apex classes may fail to load or operate correctly.

2. Why the New DevOps Center in Salesforce Is Awesome for Admins
The DevOps Center will provide an improved UI-based experience for change and release management that will not only deliver a modern and robust experience for declarative developers and admins but also allow for collaboration between declarative and programmatic developers throughout the DevOps process.

3. 6 Skills Salesforce Administrators Need to Succeed
Be sure to take note of any skills you want to develop, so you can continue to build your amazing career in technology as a successful #AwesomeAdmin!

4. Learn MOAR: Try Dynamic Actions in App Builder with Summer ’20 Release
Last summer, we were excited to introduce you to Dynamic Actions! Now, you can configure and add visibility rules for actions on your record pages, directly from within the Lightning App Builder. The more actions on your page layout, the more unmanageable the long list of actions becomes for both admins and your users alike.

5. Introducing Admin Center: A New Home for Salesforce Administrators
Admin Center is our vision for a better admin experience. Log in to your command center, personalized to your needs, to monitor and take quick action on key admin responsibilities.


1. Powerful New Salesforce Flow Features in Winter ’21 with Jason Teller
Join us as we talk about how auto-layout mode helps with blank canvas anxiety and why the before-save trigger offers big performance improvements for updating fields.

2. Salesforce Anywhere with John Brock
Join us as we discuss all of the amazing ways Salesforce Anywhere can save you time and help your users, and how you can get started with the beta today.

3. Get Started with Salesforce Einstein with Marco Casalaina
Join us to learn how to translate what you need to know into an Einstein prediction, how to know if you have enough data, and what to do with the recommendations you get.

4. Understanding Custom Metadata with Product Manager Neha Ahlawat
Join us as we talk about how Custom Metadata types can make your app more sophisticated, and why you shouldn’t fear the CLI.

5. From Superuser to Salesforce Admin with Courtney Coen
Join us to hear about Courtney’s technique for visualizing the process to communicate to her users, how her story shows how superusers can help you, and why it’s so important to be social as an admin.

YouTube videos

1. Learn How to Become a Salesforce Administrator
The demand for Salesforce Admin skills is skyrocketing because of the important role you play in helping companies reach their goals using Salesforce. This video provides a quick overview of resources aimed at helping you navigate and grow your career as a Salesforce Admin.

2. Pass Your Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam with These Tips!
Whether you’re brand new to Salesforce or have been thinking about earning your cert for a while, this video shares some awesome tips to help you prepare for your Salesforce Administrator Certification exam.

3. How Salesforce Administrators Can Quickly Connect Salesforce and Tableau
Did you know you can visualize and explore Salesforce data in Tableau? In this video, learn how to quickly connect Salesforce and Tableau.

4. How to Use Salesforce Notification Builder
Did you know you can use Salesforce Notification Builder to create custom notifications for teams, task queues, and public groups? In this video, learn how to get notifications to the right users in the right apps. 

Trailhead LIVE

1. Essential Habits for New Admins
This session is designed for any new admins looking for some tips on getting started. Join our session to learn the core responsibilities and essential habits every Salesforce Admin should master to succeed in their role.

2. Admin Best Practices: Reports and Dashboards
New to building reports? Join LeeAnne Rimel to learn how to approach report building, navigate report builder, and build impactful dashboards.

3. Low Code Love – Innovate Fast by Getting Hands-on with Flow Builder
This session shows you how to innovate fast by customizing Flow Templates and components from the AppExchange.

4. Low Code Love – Drive Change Management with New Tools
Learn about change management best practices and techniques, including the low-code tools that can help you implement them, in this session featuring In-App Guidance and Notification Builder demos. Bonus: Follow along as Lightning Champion Nadina Lisbon builds a notification system that can drive change in your organization.

5. Admin Best Practices – Leverage Einstein Search to Increase Productivity
Einstein Search helps you find and do things faster in Salesforce. Learn how machine learning-powered search streamlines workflows and provides a more natural and intuitive experience for Salesforce users. We’ll even show you, step-by-step, how to enable Einstein Search in your org.

What was your favorite blog post, podcast, or video in 2020? Share yours using #AwesomeAdmin.

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