Astro holding a trophy and surrounded by confetti and text that says, "Winning ideas from January 2022 Prioritization."

4 New Ideas on the Product Roadmap Admins Will Love


The IdeaExchange is where you can share ideas with the Trailblazer Community and Salesforce Product Managers. Throughout the year, you use your voice to shape Salesforce products by posting and upvoting ideas, then prioritizing top ideas three times per year. Typically in January, May, and September, during a 2-week Prioritization cycle, anyone with a profile is given 100 virtual coins to allocate to the ideas they want to see on product roadmaps. Then, we use the results to determine which new features to build for upcoming releases.

During the previous Prioritization cycle in January 2022, 6,000 of you Trailblazers told us which ideas were your favorites on the list. Hats off to all who participated! Now, let’s take a look at our winning ideas you’ll see delivered in upcoming releases. Shall we?

1. Commerce winner: Make category and category fields available as a searchable in Commerce

Allow search admins to include category and category fields as searchable fields in Commerce. This would ensure that a shoe categorized as a “tennis shoe” appears if a user searches for “tennis shoe” even if “tennis shoe” isn’t a part of the product name or description. Estimated GA Release: Good news! The team was able to pull this work in earlier than expected and searching by category is now available.

Screenshot of the Commerce winning idea in the IdeaExchange.

2. Nonprofit winner: Elevate Email Receipts – Custom domain support

Support the use of custom email “From” addresses for the sending of email receipts in Elevate. The Elevate admin interface would validate the setup of SPF records and automate the creation of DKIM signatures that could be added to the client’s DNS records. Estimated GA Release: Winter ’23.

Screenshot of the nonprofit winning idea on the IdeaExchange.

3. Platform winner: Improved record type management

Allow mass assigning/unassigning of record types to permission sets and view which permission sets have access to a record type in a consolidated view. Estimated GA Release: Spring ’24.

Screenshot of the Platform winning idea on the IdeaExchange.

4. Platform winner: Include permission set groups in delegated admin

Allow delegation of who can manage and assign specific permission set groups. Estimated GA Release: Winter ’24.

Screenshot of the second Platform winning idea on the IdeaExchange.

Now what?!

Maybe some of your ideas are winners and will soon become new features through the release planning and development process. Then again, maybe you submitted an awesome idea to the IdeaExchange, but it didn’t go up for Prioritization.

Not to worry! We have expert insight into how you can make your idea attract attention on the IdeaExchange. Explore this helpful article on how to craft an idea that will stand out amongst the crowd!

Astro surrounded by falling coins and text that says "May 2022 Prioritization is open!"

Start prioritizing today – the May 2022 cycle is open!

Head over to the IdeaExchange right now and start prioritizing ideas through June 6, 2022. We want to hear from you on the next features to build for Spring ’23 and beyond. Unfamiliar or new to Prioritization? Watch this short demo and learn how to allocate coins to your favorite ideas on the Prioritization list.

Ways to learn about Prioritization

1. Hit the trail

Curious to know exactly how ideas get selected for the Prioritization list? Find answers and learn how to work with our product teams on the IdeaExchange by earning a shiny new badge. Take the IdeaExchange Trailmix to dive deeper into the idea lifecycle and rewatch True to the Core sessions for the latest product roadmap updates.

2. Stay updated

You can help shape the future of the IdeaExchange by joining the conversation in the IdeaExchange Reimagined Trailblazer Community group on the Trailblazer Community. To receive updates about winning ideas and reminders before the start of each cycle, please make sure you set your communication preferences to receive Salesforce marketing emails, and opt in to IdeaExchange notifications on your profile.

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