Michelle Hansen's blog post "Awesome Admin Success: Blaze Your Trail."

Awesome Admin Success: Blaze Your Trail


Welcome to the first post of our new four-part “Awesome Admin Success” blog series!

Sometimes, it feels like we’re surrounded by overnight success stories of people who seemingly achieved their goals quickly and with ease. But we often don’t hear about all the time, effort, and bumps in the road it took to reach those goals. The focus is usually on the end result; for example, getting your first job in the Salesforce ecosystem or a promotion. Being so focused on the end result, or in fairy-tale terms, the “happily ever after,” sometimes leads us to gloss over the character-building journey it took to get there. The reality is that it’s the hard work, perseverance, and determination that make us the #AwesomeAdmins we are today!

Much like the best stories and movies take us along the journey experienced by the lead character, this four-part blog series features the journeys of three #AwesomeAdmins who are lead characters in their own right! You’ll learn how they persevered through their own obstacles and challenges in the process of finding success in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Here’s a sneak peek at the three #AwesomeAdmins we feature:

Headshot of Amit AryaAmit Arya

Our first featured #AwesomeAdmin is Amit Arya. Amit and I have never met in person as he lives in India; instead, we connected electronically through various programs including the Salesforce for Everyone Facebook group. Despite not having a technical background, Amit decided to pursue a career in the Salesforce ecosystem and encountered a number of challenges in his job search, especially given the competitive landscape which was exacerbated by the pandemic. The members of the Facebook group gave Amit a lot of support, encouragement, and advice that eventually led to him landing a job as a Salesforce Admin. Read Amit’s full story.

Headshot of Jeanne Miller. Jeanne Moeller

Jeanne Moeller is our second featured #AwesomeAdmin. I remember meeting her at a breakfast during a Trailblazer Community event, WITness Success 2019 in Nashville, well into her journey to find the right role in the ecosystem. By overcoming her introverted-ness and building a network of supporters across the Trailblazer Community—who continued to encourage and support her even when her confidence wavered—she eventually found a position that made her feel at home in the community. Read Jeanne’s full story.

Headshot of Joy Hintz Joy Hintz

Our third #AwesomeAdmin is Joy Hintz, whom I met through the Trailblazer Mentorship Program and finally got to see in person at Florida Dreamin’ 2021. After spending years working in early childhood education, Joy felt a change was necessary and decided to pursue a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Career changes later in life may not be the easiest, but Joy learned that her wealth of knowledge and experience would end up being a valuable asset in her burgeoning tech career. Read Joy’s full story.

Come along for the journey!

I hope you come along with us on this journey as we meet and get to know these #AwesomeAdmins who persevered through many different obstacles and challenges to join the ranks of #AwesomeAdmins in the ecosystem. Their stories help us all remember that the journey is even more important than the destination, and that you, too, can find your place in the Trailblazer Community. Stay tuned for the next blog!


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