AI Resource Roundup for Salesforce Admins

AI Resource Roundup for Salesforce Admins


In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), 2023 proved to be a pivotal year, especially for Salesforce Admins. As technology continues to push boundaries, Salesforce has embraced AI to empower admins with tools that enhance efficiency, decision-making, and the user experience.

As you may have seen, we published a lot of AI content in 2023 (and well before that)! To help you on your AI learning journey, we’ve rounded up some of our AI-focused content all in one spot, so you can start the new year by digging into the AI innovations that will continue to shape the admin experience in 2024.

Data management best practices to prepare for AI

To prepare for working effectively with emerging AI-powered analytics tools, admins can start now by ensuring their organizations’ data is clean. Why does clean data matter so much? AI is only as good as the data it uses, and admins are the human in the loop when it comes to data quality. AI can help analyze your data and make predictions based on that data, but AI doesn’t know what your organization’s data should look like — you do! Now is a great time to revisit data management best practices to get that data ready.

You not only need good data but also should have access to all the data, ideally. With Data Cloud, admins can connect all the systems and enable Einstein to drive insights on a much deeper level. Start digging into Data Cloud fundamentals to see the possibilities. And good news for you! At Dreamforce ’23, Salesforce announced a free Data Cloud account for customers of Unlimited and Enterprise Editions to leverage AI + data.

To understand more about the importance of clean data and connected data, check out these resources.

Intelligent bot building for seamless customer interactions

AI-driven virtual assistants, or Einstein Bots, are revolutionizing customer support and engagement, automating routine queries and providing instant, personalized responses. Admins can seamlessly incorporate bots into Salesforce environments, offering customers a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate through processes, retrieve information, and troubleshoot common issues, all while improving overall user satisfaction. This is HUGE! But what does it really mean in the day-to-day of an admin?

Bots can enhance customer engagement by providing instant and personalized responses to inquiries, ultimately improving overall satisfaction and efficiency. Bots can make an immediate impact by answering FAQs, reporting issues, or authenticating customers, just to name a few use cases.

Get started with Einstein Bots using the resources below.

AI-powered automation and workflows

Automation has long been a core tool for admins, but in 2024, AI will open up to new possibilities. Salesforce Admins will be able to leverage their process automation skills and new tools like Prompt Builder and Einstein for Flow to build intelligent, automated experiences across the platform.

From generating draft flows using natural language prompts with Einstein for Flow, to building flows that ground AI prompts in Salesforce data, admins will be able to supercharge productivity and deliver intelligent experiences for users.

For more on how to leverage AI today to enhance your automation, these resources are a great place to start.

Understanding the Einstein Trust Layer

Built into the Einstein 1 Platform is the Einstein Trust Layer, which provides security guardrails that help admins ground AI models in CRM data while protecting data security and privacy. Trust is our #1 value at Salesforce, and ensuring the transparent and ethical use of AI within the Salesforce Platform is central to our approach, providing users with increased confidence in the reliability and responsible deployment of AI-driven capabilities.

We know admins are always security-minded. So be sure to spend time understanding the mechanics behind the Einstein Trust Layer. Learn how tools like Prompt Builder mask sensitive information and limit toxicity and bias through the Trust Layer. Only together can we carry out secure, AI-driven innovation at scale.

Check out this additional resource.

Ongoing learning

As we reflect on the AI innovations of 2023, it’s evident that Salesforce Admins are at the forefront of a truly transformative era. Using AI-driven insights, intelligent chatbots, and automated workflows, admins are implementing solutions to match the evolving needs of businesses and users.

The one constant with AI (and most things) is change. The best way to stay on top of the innovations, updates, and product enhancements is to be release-ready! Stay connected to upcoming releases to ensure you and your organization are making the most of AI and other Salesforce products and tools.


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