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Take the Guesswork Out of Automations with MuleSoft Composer Templates


Automation is the hot-button item for every company. This is not surprising, as companies of all sizes are looking to boost productivity and reduce costs across the business—and do it quickly. At Dreamforce ’22, we learned how automations are changing the game for business teams to create connected customer experiences.

But who’s tasked with creating those automations? You guessed it: Salesforce Admins.

Luckily, MuleSoft Composer is the no-code solution to create these automations, helping admins connect siloed data and automate processes across multiple systems with clicks, not code. However, even with no-code tools, it can still take time to get started, establish best practices, and learn how to navigate systems outside of Salesforce.

What are Composer templates?

Meet Composer templates, the easiest way for admins to jump-start building no-code automations. With a guided experience and best practices built in, templates take the guesswork out of automations and help unlock value faster.

MuleSoft Composer interface on the Templates tab shows 18 new Sales and Service templates. Each template card entails a description of the template use case with icons for the connectors involved, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and ServiceNow.

Get started today with Sales and Service templates

#AwesomeAdmin community, start automating today using any of the 18 templates directly in Composer across Sales (quote-to-cash) and Service (incident management) use cases.

First, let’s talk about Service templates. In today’s world, where customer expectations are higher than ever, we know how critical it is for service teams to have seamless incident management processes. With Service templates, admins can jump-start automations across Salesforce, Jira, and ServiceNow. The best part? Admins no longer have to spend time learning complex systems outside of Salesforce. With a guided experience and built-in best practices, getting started has never been easier.

Service use case templates now available:

    • Create Or Update Jira Issue for Associated Change Request in Salesforce
    • Create Or Update Jira Issue for Associated Work Plan in Salesforce
    • Create Or Update Jira Issue for Associated Work Step in Salesforce
    • Create Change Request in Salesforce for Associated Jira Issue
    • Update Change Request in Salesforce for Associated Jira Issue
    • Create Work Plan in Salesforce for Associated Jira Issue
    • Update Work Plan in Salesforce for Associated Jira Issue
    • Create Work Step in Salesforce for Associated Jira Issue
    • Update Work Step in Salesforce for Associated Jira Issue
    • Create or Update Incident and Asset for Associated ServiceNow Incident
    • Create or Update ServiceNow Incident for Associated Incident in Salesforce
    • Create Configuration Item for Associated Incident Asset in Salesforce

We’re also excited to announce the launch of Sales templates, through a partnership with Salesforce Revenue Cloud. With Quote-to-Cash as the most requested MuleSoft Composer flow, admins can now choose from six Sales templates for top use cases to automate across Salesforce and NetSuite. Gone are the days of needing to know the ins and outs of every required NetSuite data field. Instead, admins can pick from a curated collection of pre-populated templates with required NetSuite data fields already completed, and customize as needed. It really is that simple!

Sales use case templates now available:

    • Create or Update Netsuite Credit Memo for Associated Posted Credit Memo in Salesforce
    • Create or Update Netsuite Customer for Associated Account in Salesforce
    • Create or Update Netsuite Customer Payment for Associated Processed Payment in Salesforce
    • Create or Update NetSuite Inventory Item for Associated Active Product in Salesforce
    • Create or Update Netsuite Invoice for Associated Posted Invoice in Salesforce
    • Create or Update Netsuite Sales Order for Associated Activated Order in Salesforce

The Product team is incredibly excited to launch this new feature in Composer. Rest assured that this is just the beginning. We’ll continue to release templates for key Salesforce automation use cases.

“Templates are my favorite feature of the year. With Composer, our goal has always been to simplify how admins automate their most important business processes, and with templates, we’re a large step closer to realizing that vision. We’ve seen which flows have been top use cases for Composer over the last 1.5 years, and we’ve baked those learnings and best practices into these templates. Now, admins getting started don’t need to reinvent the wheel and can activate flows to see value faster.” — Ashley Simons, Senior Manager, Product Management

Getting started with templates is as easy as 1-2-3. Select a template right within Composer, read the description and prerequisites, and add the connections you need. From there, Composer will generate the flow on your behalf.

MuleSoft Composer templates showcasing how a user accesses templates from the Composer interface, selects a Sales template to Create or Update an order in NetSuite, and activates the flow

Composer templates give you time back in your day, and eliminate the stress and onboarding time typically required to build automations. It’s a win-win for you and for the business!

Ready to get started? Composer templates are available now. Simply log in to MuleSoft Composer, navigate to the Templates tab, and get ready to launch your flow!

With this release, we know new ideas will arise, and we want to hear from you. Share your success, ask how others are getting started, or request a new template in the community. We’ll see you there! Check out the FAQ for any immediate questions.

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