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#LowCodeLove: 831 Billion Reasons to Love Automation


831 billion processes were automated on the Salesforce Platform in one month. Not a decade or a year, but just one month! Back in 2016, we announced that we reached 100 billion automations in a year — the number of stars in the Milky Way. But, it’s clear that as the world digitally transforms faster than ever before, increased reliance on automation is how businesses are keeping up. To help translate automations into savings we can all understand, highlighting the impact you have every day, we put together an interactive data visualization on Tableau.

By turning our automations into business metrics, you’re able to see the full scope of what’s capable with automation. From notifications sent to tasks created, these automations are freeing up time for valuable moments such as team meetings, customer calls, and interviews.

How are companies using automation?

Did you know the most common type of automation is around decision making with over 1.1 Trillion decisions made? While low code tools like Flow Builder help automate actions, tasks, and update records, it also saves companies time by driving quick decisions.

Automations are a huge productivity booster, savings users and business valuable time. Of the different types of actions Admins have built, notifications are by far the most popular. The amount of time saved with automated notifications equals 42 million seminars!

When looking across various sectors, the top three industries that are enhancing customer and employee experiences with automation are High Tech, Financial Services, and Professional Services.

Explore the data

Want to dive further into the data and gain deeper insight into how automation impacts digital transformations? Download the workbook to your own instance of Tableau and create unique visualizations. Don’t forget to share with hashtag #AwesomeAdmin!

To see the rest of this interactive infographic, click the image below.

Automation Tableau Data Visualization

Next Steps

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be diving into everything that made us fall in #LowCodeLove. Be sure to check out the upcoming Trailhead Live Session:
#LowCodeLove: Innovate Fast by Getting Hands-on with Flow Builder
Join us on Trailhead Live August 19, 10 am PST to learn how to innovate fast by customizing Flow Templates and components from the AppExchange.


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