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View All for Dynamic Related Lists | Learn MOAR Spring ’23


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Introducing View All for dynamic related lists

In Spring ’23 we are delivering a crucial enhancement to dynamic related lists, which were first released in Summer ‘22. Users now will be able to view all records associated with a dynamic related list.

This is the same capability that you know and love from other related list components. But, unlike other related list components, dynamic related lists can be configured entirely within Lightning App Builder (no more page layout editor needed!) and can include admin-defined filters so users see only relevant information in their record pages. Think open opportunities, priority one cases, or active contacts. Admins can use a custom label to describe the related list and add as many as 10 filters to the list. More details on the broader capability of dynamic related lists can be found in this Learn MOAR blog post.

Dynamic related lists have been well received by our customers with usage doubling every month since their release. But one of the primary blockers for adoption was the inability to view all the records that met the dynamic related list filter criteria. That’s the problem we solved in Spring ’23 with the addition of View All; you asked and we delivered!

How does View All work?

The option to view all will appear at the bottom of the dynamic related list component on a record page. There’s no need to enable this feature as it will be natively available for the Spring ’23 release. Users will see that more records are available by the presence of a plus (+) sign next to the record count. Clicking on View All will take the user to a new list view page where all (up to 2,000) records matching the filter criteria are displayed in a table.

Just like other related list View All pages, users can reveal more records by scrolling down the page and they can sort by column as desired. For dynamic related lists, the filter panel is divided into two sections: admin-defined filters, which the user cannot change, and quick filters, which a user can leverage to narrow the result set according to their own personalized filter inputs. Just as other related lists, these filters will persist for the user’s session and can be edited or cleared as needed.

Record Page

1. Description of admin-defined related list filters

2. View All

View All Page

3. Description of admin-defined and quick filters

4. Admin-defined filters (read-only)

5. Quick filters

Dynamic related lists filter panel

What’s next for dynamic related lists?

Dynamic related lists are supported for key objects (Contact, Account, Opportunity, Lead, Case), custom objects, and hundreds of other standard objects in Salesforce. However, some objects are not yet supported. Salesforce will continue to make additional objects available to use with dynamic related lists over time.

See these new features in action!

Don’t forget to tune in to the Spring ’23 Release Readiness Live: Admin Preview on January 20, 2023, to see demos of a subset of these new, exciting features. Add the broadcast to your calendar today! And be sure to check out the Learn MOAR Spring ’23 for Admins Trailmix and follow along on the blog this week for more Learn MOAR!

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