Admin Holiday Treats: Counting Down Our 15 Favorite Tips from 2018


Happy Holidays, #AwesomeAdmins! 2018 is about to draw to a close, and we’re looking back at all we’ve learned, shared and given back this year. 2018 has been packed with innovation and ways for Admins to champion productivity.

Looking back, what did you learn this year that you’re excited to leverage or explore further? The team has been reflecting and remembering all the Admin ‘treats’ we’ve explored this past year, some practical, some technical, all plenty of fun!

Here are some of our favorites:

15. Did you know…

You can personalize your own lightning navigation, and your users can too? Learn more Lightning productivity tips for your users here.

14. Out of Office: Dashing Through the Snow!

Before you leave the office for the holidays be sure set your Out of Office message on Chatter!

13. “On Dashboard(s), on Dancer, on Prancer & Vixen…”

Use dashboard filters to build dashboards that can be used across multiple groups and geographies! Check out more tips to building Dashboards your users will 💙

12. Shiny New Robot Toys for #AwesomeAdmins

Want to play with a new toy this holiday season? Check out the magic of Einstein Bots.

11. It’s hard to pick a favorite but…

One of the best gifts we’ve gotten this year? Subfolders in Dashboards & Reports! Listen to Anusha explain.

10. Deck the halls with delightful emojis!

Add some seasonal emoji flair to delight your users and help improve user adoption in Salesforce.

9. Making a list(view) and checking it twice

Use the holiday downtime to review your list views and optimize productivity for your users.

8. Play in the Sand this holiday season!

The Sandbox that is! Ideas for creatively using Salesforce to get more experience.

7. A time for giving back

Want to build up your Salesforce experience? Put your skills to work by volunteering for a non-profit, like Misty.

6. What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Get a start on those New Year’s Resolutions by digging into Trailhead! Listen to Lauren’s story of how she used Trailhead to transform her career to get inspired.

5. A cozy fire to warm your heart

‘Tis the season to celebrate with family & share stories by the fire. Join your Salesforce Ohana and listen to Erica Kuhl tell the Salesforce Community story.

4. Unwrap the building blocks of your career

Got Lego blocks this year? See how they are a great way to think about how to build your Salesforce career.

3. A reason for the season

Find ways to give back – donate your Salesforce skills to a nonprofit who might need your help. Check out the “More Options” section on the Pro Bono page. And don’t forget to complete the Nonprofit Cloud Trailhead Trails first!

2. Faithful friends gather near, and far

Connect with the Trailblazer Community this holiday season! Find some new friends, and discover more about your local community.


1. Help others unwrap their potential

No matter where you are on your #AwesomeAdmin journey, you have something valuable to share & teach. Find the spaces where you can help others along their Admin trail.

Be sure to share the Admin-themed holiday spirit by joining us on Twitter! Starting December 17, we’ll be counting down to 2019 with a treat a day! And, we want to hear from you – what are your favorite treats from 2018? Be sure to use #AwesomeAdmin so we can share them. Cheers to a great year, #AwesomeAdmins! 🎉

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