Most Popular Admin Blog Posts, Podcasts, and Videos from 2019


The year is coming to a close, and it is a perfect moment to look back and reflect on all we’ve enjoyed and accomplished in 2019.

#AwesomeAdmins learned a lot last year, whether through Trailhead badges, blog posts or videos. We’ve rounded up some of our most popular pieces of content from 2019. If you missed it when it published, now’s the perfect time to catch up before we dive into 2020!

Join us as we revisit the top content resources from this year, and let them serve as inspiration for next year’s goals!

? Blog Posts

Get Started with the New Flow Builder—A set of tutorials designed to work well both as an introduction to Flow for someone who has never used it and as an introduction for someone converting from the Flash-based Cloud Flow Designer. Each tutorial builds on the previous one, so plan to do them in order.

Break Up Your Record Details with Dynamic Forms— Dynamic Forms is the next step in the evolution of Lightning record pages. It adds a step of point-and-click customization for your Lightning record pages that previously required custom coding.

Introducing The Next Generation of User Management: Permission Set Groups—Permission Set Groups is a new feature that allows Admins to combine multiple permission sets into a single permission set group for user assignment. With the grouping mechanism, admins can truly apply role-based access control for managing user entitlements in Salesforce orgs.

Set Up Lightning Experience on Mobile— Learn to customize Lightning Experience on mobile with step-by-step tutorials to set up and customize Lightning Experience for mobile with the Salesforce Mobile App.

Turn Spreadsheets Into Objects with the Lightning Object Creator—With the Lightning Object Creator, it only takes a few steps to translate the columns of a spreadsheet into fields, define field types and import all the spreadsheet data. By creating custom objects, you have the ability to plug data into a wide range of builder tools from process automation to mobile app development, including: Lightning Flow, Lighting App Builder, Lightning Schema Builder, Lightning Components from AppExchange.

? Podcasts

Why Admins Matter With Brian Millham—We were able to sit down with Brian Millham, President of Global Customer Success and the thirteenth employee ever at Salesforce, to hear some tips on dealing with senior executives and the importance of admins.

Change Management for Your Career with LeAndria Streeter— In this live episode from Salesforce World Tour DC we chatted with LeAndria Streeter, Salesforce Consultant at Slalom, to learn about the work she does in the community and how you can apply change management principles to your own life.

The Ultimate Guide to Report Types With Evan Ponter —We talked to the man behind the Ultimate Guide to Report Types and the Ultimate Guide to Report Types Part 2, Evan Ponter, about all the ins and outs of reports.

TAKEOVER: The Trailblazer’s Guide to Careers—We had a special admin-focused takeover episode of The Trailblazer’s Guide to Careers with Trailhead’s very own Dana Hall, Senior Manager of Trailhead Marketing at Salesforce, and Scott Luikart, Salesforce MVP and Senior Salesforce Admin at Whole Foods Market.

Deep Dive into Superbadges With Julie Workman—Julie Workman, Technical Credential Developer at Salesforce, joined us to share the joys of building, growing, and maintaining Superbadges and the potential they have for the community.

? Did You Know? Videos

Use Flow Builder to Create Roll-Up Summary Fields —Did you know you can use Flow Builder + Process Builder to create Roll-Up Summary fields for objects that are related via lookup? Learn how today.

Maximize Your Pages with *new* Enhanced Related Lists —Did you know that you give your Users data-rich record pages in Lightning? With just a few customizations, including the brand new Enhanced Related Lists feature, you can help your Users ? their ⚡️Lightning Record Pages!

Build a Simple Screen Flow with Salesforce Flow Builder—Did you know that you can build interactive custom components without any code? Flow Builder is a powerful tool for automation and for giving Admins the power to customize the look and feel of their Salesforce experience. In this short video we will create a simple screen flow that you can surface to your users.

Build Awesome Dashboards with Master Source Reports & Dashboard Filters— Did you know you can use features like Dashboard Filters to create Dashboards more quickly, track the right data, and make your Dashboards reusable? Salesforce Dashboards are a key tool to drive end-user adoption, Executive engagement, and productivity within your company.

Set up Lightning Experience on Mobile — Did you know we have a brand new Salesforce Mobile App for your Mobile users? With the Winter ’20 release, Admins can customize Lighting Experience on mobile.

? Webinars

Learn to Leverage the Power of SOQL—SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) queries are a great way for Admins to easily and quickly access, analyze, and manipulate their Salesforce data. Learn how to apply your knowledge of report builder filters and formulas to help you write SOQL queries.

Programming Building Blocks for Admins— Sometimes the biggest blocker to understanding code or starting to write Apex is not having foundational knowledge of the basic building blocks of programming with the Salesforce Platform. In this webinar, learn the basics of object-oriented programming: what they are, how they’re used, and even some best practices to take note of in your own org.

Customize the New Salesforce Mobile App with Lightning App Builder—Using the Lightning App Builder, you’ll be able to leverage Lightning components and customize your layouts on mobile. And, since you can test-drive these features in a Developer Edition (DE) org today, now is a great time to explore the new capabilities and plan how you will introduce them to your org and your users.

Master the Lightning Report Builder: Service Dashboard— Review the latest features in Reports and Dashboards and learn how to build reports to power a full-service dashboard!

An Admin’s Guide to Profiles and Permission Sets—With the right strategies and your Admin toolkit, you can take control of your profile and permission sets. Learn best practices of permission management so you can minimize time spent deciphering and controlling user access and give your users the exact right level of access to do their jobs.

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