Building Connections in the Trailblazer Community


This post is part two of a two part series. For part one, which unpacks more about building connections on Chatter within your own org, jump over here

Being part of the Salesforce Ohana means that you are connected; you are family. But to get connected, and stay connected, where do you start? And why is that connection such a valuable part of your role as an #AwesomeAdmin? Let’s talk about what you can do to construct valuable relationships and visible cadences of connection and information in the Trailblazer Community.

What is the Trailblazer Community?

The Trailblazer Community is our customer community, where millions of Trailblazers help each other succeed with Salesforce by collaborating online and in person.

Why Build Connections in the Community?

People’s first experience with the Trailblazer Community is usually getting help with Salesforce-related questions. When I first posted in the online community, I was surprised by how many people like Salesforce MVP Steve Molis helped me debug a formula and S-control (#neverforget). This helpful environment is what keeps people coming back, because there are always more problems that need solving, and more people who can help.  

More than just problem solving, the Trailblazer Community is a great place to get out of your bubble, and get some career advice! People are happy to share info about what makes a good Salesforce Admin, how to level up your career, and even if you are changing careers, how to get started and skill up using Trailhead.

And of course, one of the best things about the community, in my opinion, is meeting people OFFLINE (?)! There are Community Groups for everyone — located near you no matter what your interests — whether you’re interested in Marketing Cloud, higher education, nonprofits, women in technology, or anything else! Check out the groups here for an idea of where to get started. I can honestly say that meeting people IRL (that’s, “in real life” if you don’t know) is the best aspect of being part of the Salesforce #Ohana, or family.   

How to start?

The first thing you should do is also the easiest: fill out your profile!  Add info about where you’re located, your company, your social channels, and your Salesforce information. Upload your photo, either a professional headshot or a more casual, fun photo depending on your preference.  Add a short bio to give people an overview of what you do, and add any fun facts you might want to share to personalize it. Link your Certifications and Trailhead badges to your profile, as it demonstrates your credibility when you’re posting. Finally, when your profile is complete, you’ll have a great way to connect with other people and a nice overview of who you are in one place.

Okay, your profile is filled out, now it’s time to join some groups! But, which groups should you join?

Whichever ones pique your interest! I already mentioned joining a local user group earlier, but in case you forgot, you can find them here:  Here are some other useful recommended groups for you:

  • Admin Trailblazers – A group for Salesforce Admins to collaborate on how to solve problems using clicks, not code.
  • Admin Webinars – Where to find and register for the latest webinars from the Salesforce Admin team.
  • Trailblazer Community Corner – This group is your one-stop shop for all Trailblazer Community resources (tips, videos, best practices) and updates (new features, group recommendations, spamming status).
  • Release Readiness Trailblazers – Release Readiness Trailblazers is dedicated to helping you stay up to date on the latest and greatest product enhancements and innovations.
  • Job Postings – Do you have a job opening you are trying to fill or are you looking for the next step in your career? This is the group for you!
  • Lightning Now – Lightning Now is dedicated to your success with Salesforce Lightning Experience.
  • Equality Trailblazers – We believe that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change.

Okay, you’ve filled out your profile, you’ve joined all these great groups, now start providing value to other people! That means responding to questions when they get posted, sharing links to helpful resources as you discover them, and generally being supportive of others as they join the community. Pretty soon you’ll find that you’re getting just as much from giving back to the community as you yourself got when you first joined!

Do you have other tips for being part of the Trailblazer Community? Let us know!

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