Amp Up Your Awesome Admin Superpowers with Our DF18 Trailmix


Get hands-on with the features and functionality we showed during the #AwesomeAdmin Keynote!

At the Admin Keynote, we focus on sharing stories and demos that are actionable right now. Carlos Umana champions productivity with Lightning, Nana Gregg delivers innovation with Lightning Flow, and Katharine Clark connects experiences with integrations to communities. And, now it’s your turn!

We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to implement the same innovations at your company. Start doing the DF18 Admin Trailmix to get hands-on with these new features and functionality.

Plus, complete the trailmix by October 31st, 2018 to get a special #AwesomeAdmin SuperCloudy badge! That special Cloudy badge will be awarded to your profile after 10/31.

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Up your learning game with Trailhead Quests

Looking for a little extra motivation to keep up your learning and earning with Trailhead? We got you! We’re bringing the fun (and challenge) of our event-based game, the “Quest,” to your everyday Trailhead life. Get ready to up your learning game with Trailhead Quests! Challenge yourself with a quest to learn new skills and win fun prizes.

Earn badges

How I Solved This: Managing Queue Membership with a Custom Object

Key business problem: In Service Cloud, Omni-Channel, and list views, ownership of Cases, Leads, and other objects can be difficult in call centers or sales teams with high turnover. We don’t want to manually manage lots of queues and be a bottleneck for our business needs. Background: Working in a high-velocity business before High Velocity […]


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