Get hands on with AI and showcase what you've #BuiltWithEinstein.

Get Hands On with AI and Showcase What You’ve #BuiltWithEinstein


We’re at the dawn of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, and as a Salesforce Admin, you’re essential in shaping its future. You play a pivotal role in leading AI transformations within your organization by implementing intelligent, trusted solutions.

That’s why we’re excited to offer you a fun, new opportunity to showcase your AI skills and inspire other admins with the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest.

What is Einstein 1 Studio?

At TrailblazerDX, we announced the availability of Einstein 1 Studio, a set of low-code builders you can use to build prompt templates grounded in your data, customize Einstein Copilot, and seamlessly embed AI across any app.

Einstein 1 Studio is comprised of three builders that you can use to build and deliver trusted AI experiences at your company. Currently, the use cases for Einstein Copilot are employee/user focused—eventually, Einstein Copilot will help you create AI experiences for customer needs.

  • Prompt Builder — Build trusted generative AI with ease and activate prompts in the flow of work.
  • Copilot Builder Customize and tailor copilots to your unique business needs by building and deploying custom actions.
  • Model Builder — Build or import a variety of AI models.

Ready to put these tools to the test? Complete the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest to jump-start building with AI assistance.

Introducing the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest

We launched the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest to help you show off your creative AI use cases to the community for a chance to win* a Dreamforce pass or a custom #BuiltWithEinstein T-shirt! *Official rules apply. See the Trailblazer Quests page for full details and restrictions.

It’s simple. You’ll build a prompt with Prompt Builder or an action with Copilot Builder and share your use case in a screen-recorded video on X or LinkedIn with the hashtag #BuiltWithEinstein.

Visit the #BuiltWithEinstein website to view custom Einstein actions and prompts built by Salesforce Admin Evangelists and Developer Advocates. From using Prompt Builder to summarize customer reviews, to generating discount codes and follow-up emails with Copilot Builder, teams across every industry are discovering a new way to work.

Learn more about the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest and be sure to complete it by June 30, 2024.

Resources to get you started

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