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Tips for Connecting with Fellow #AwesomeAdmins Online


In today’s world where more and more companies are going remote or having their employees work on a hybrid schedule, it’s critical to build and maintain work relationships.

Since I started my role as the Social Media Manager for the Admin Relations team, one of my favorite aspects of this job is seeing how tight-knit the Salesforce Admin community is online. While some admins are lucky enough to work on a team with others, some are what we call “solo admins,” navigating their roles on their own. As a social media manager, I’ve personally witnessed how the online community can be a place of support and encouragement for Salesforce Admins across the globe.

Whether you’re just getting started in the ecosystem or are an experienced #AwesomeAdmin looking to get more involved with the admin community on social, I’m here to share both benefits and tips for tapping into your virtual network.

Benefits of connecting with Salesforce Admins online

While there are several benefits of engaging with the online community of Salesforce Admins, here are just three to consider.

  • Get fast feedback—Have you ever had an idea to improve your org that you wanted to brainstorm? Or a problem you were working through that could have really used an extra #AwesomeAdmin brain or two to weigh in on? Social is a great place to collect feedback, collaborate, and have your questions answered.
  • Build authentic relationships—We live in a social world! Real connections are formed every day online. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen friendships formed or study buddies gained through tweet threads.
  • Showcase your skills—Social is meant for celebrating. The #AwesomeAdmin community especially loves to celebrate wins like gaining a new cert, solving tricky problems, or improving efficiencies for their company. You work hard, and fellow #AwesomeAdmins want to celebrate your wins with you, big or small.

Five tips for connecting with Salesforce Admins online

1. Follow Salesforce Admins on social and join the Trailblazer Community

First things first, follow Salesforce Admins on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and join the Trailblazer Community. We share helpful resources and fun engagement posts, and offer opportunities for you to connect with other admins on a weekly basis.

2. Tune in for events

Our conferences are a great place for Trailblazers to connect with the community. And now, thanks to our ever-evolving digital world, you don’t necessarily have to attend events in person to soak up tons of great content. Original content from our tentpole events like TrailblazerDX, Dreamforce, and World Tours is available to watch on our free streaming service, Salesforce+. Watch events live, use the chatbox, or head on over to our social channels for live event coverage.

3. Connect with other Salesforce Admins by tagging and using hashtags

Want to find the community fast on social? Leverage our hashtag #AwesomeAdmins or #AwesomeAdmin for better reach, and don’t forget to tag @SalesforceAdmns on Twitter or @Salesforce Admins on LinkedIn. There’s a better chance the admin audience will engage with your post if they know you’re talking directly to them. 🥳

4. Be active (and fearless!)

This may be fairly obvious, but the more active on social you are, the more likely you are to connect! See someone post an accomplishment? Celebrate them! Know the answer to a question another admin asks? Share the answer!

And remember, don’t be nervous about posting—whether it’s asking a question of your own, posting your first flow, or maybe sharing a badge you’re proud of! There is always someone who could learn something, be inspired by, or have ideas for you! No matter where you are in your technical skills journey, you have something valuable to share and teach.

5. Have fun

Last but certainly not least, remember to have fun. This community loves to play as hard as they work. Your post that shares your admin fail of the day or your big work win could make someone else’s day! GIFs and polls are highly encouraged. 😉

That’s it! We hope to see you online forming connections, solving problems, and learning new things from one another very soon.


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