Discover Your Awesome Admin Potential

Discover Your Awesome Admin Potential


As an #AwesomeAdmin, you’re instrumental in delivering the future of business at your company by leveraging your skills, Salesforce products, and the knowledge you gain on a daily basis. Your potential is limitless. ✨

If you’re looking to skill up further, you’ve come to the right place. Answer the questions below and tally up your responses to discover a personalized path to your future potential, and then check out some incredible resources that can help you in your career journey.

Future finder questions

1. Which of these would you consider to be your strongest admin skill?

A. User Management
B. Problem-Solving
C. Business Analysis
D. Process Automation

2. What is your preferred way to learn about new Salesforce features and functionality?

A. Community
B. Trailhead
C. Release Notes
D. Release Readiness Live

3. Which of these is your favorite thing about being a Salesforce Admin?

A. Helping users be more productive
B. Solving complex business problems
C. Identifying opportunities to improve the business
D. Automating processes

4. Which of these is your favorite Salesforce feature?

A. Salesforce Optimizer
B. App Builder
C. Reports & Dashboards
D. Flow Builder

5. What is your favorite part of solving a business challenge?

A. Improving business efficiency
B. Building an app
C. Digging into the data
D. Mapping out processes

6. Which part of your day do you enjoy most?

A. Auditing security settings
B. Meeting with stakeholders
C. Analyzing data in Salesforce
D. Reviewing current business processes

7. Which of these skills do you want to develop in the next 12 months?

A. Product Management
B. Communication
C. Data Analysis
D. Process Automation

Your results

Mostly A’s — Productivity Champion

Productivity Champion

Hello, Productivity Champion! Embrace the approaching horizon, for it brings a golden chance to enhance your users’ efficiency.

#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Unlock the secrets of success by blending your user and security prowess with the magic of AI.

Resources to further your potential:

Mostly B’s — Solution Builder

Solution Builder

Hello, Solution Builder! Embrace the arrival of new tools, for they shall empower you to conquer any business challenge in your path.

#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Merge your skills of problem-solving and data management with the enchanting power of AI, and behold the road to triumph in the days to come.

Resources to further your potential:

Mostly C’s — Data Detective

Data Detective

Hello, Data Detective! Embrace the data-driven outlook, for it shall illuminate your company’s path to a brighter future.

#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Merge your data prowess with the might of AI, and find the road to success paved with prosperity.

Resources to further your potential:

Mostly D’s — Process Pioneer

Process Pioneer

Hello, Process Pioneer! Get ready to soar as your talent for eliminating inefficiency is set to reach new heights.

#AwesomeAdmin Tip: Blend your process automation mastery with the enchanting might of AI, and behold the road to future triumph unfolding before you.

Resources to further your potential:

Share your results

Bonus: Today, Tuesday, September 12, we posted on X (formerly Twitter) asking you to share your results. Eligible participants who respond with their results and include #AwesomeAdmin and #Sweepstakes by September 21 at 11:59 PM PT will be entered for a chance to win a charcoal #AwesomeAdmin branded Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler. Restrictions apply. Not all users are eligible to participate. See rules and details below.*

Win a yeti cooler.

Check out more details below for how to enter the sweepstake.

How to join in on the fun

Here’s the gist:

  1. First things first, make sure you’re following us @SalesforceAdmns on X (formerly Twitter).
  2. Today, on September 12, the @SalesforceAdmns X (formerly Twitter) handle shared a prompt that asks you to share your quiz results. Either take a photo of the persona/persona(s) you identified with above or type them in. Remember, the four personas are: Productivity Champion, Solution Builder, Data Detective, and Process Pioneer. It’s possible that you may identify with more than one.
  3. Share your results on X (formerly Twitter) with #AwesomeAdmin and #Sweepstakes. Don’t forget, you have until September 21 at 11:59 PM PT to do this! One entry per person.
  4. On September 22, 2022, we’ll randomly choose five participants to win a charcoal #AwesomeAdmin branded Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler.

Happy future finding!

Congratulations to our winners!

The five sweepstakes winners have been selected. Congratulations to @jlange118, @sarahahance, @kvsharma36, @Arundat84719876, and @UddinRayees! Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their results!

*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes open from September 12, 2023, 6:00 AM PT to September 21, 2023, 11:59 PM PT. Open to legal residents of the U.S. (incl. D.C.), Canada (excl. Quebec), France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and United Kingdom. Must be 18+ (20+ in Japan). Restrictions apply. See Official Rules.

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