Favorite Salesforce Admin Resources from 2022

Year in Review: Our Favorite Salesforce Admin Resources from 2022


2022 is coming to a close, and now is the perfect moment to look back and reflect on all we’ve learned and accomplished.

#AwesomeAdmins learned a lot in the past year through some of the incredible videos, blog posts, and podcast episodes created by and for the community on admin.salesforce.com.

Admin Evangelists Jennifer Lee, Mike Gerholdt, Gillian Bruce, and LeeAnne Rimel have rounded up some of their favorite pieces of content from 2022 to share with you. If you missed any of it, now’s the time to catch up before we dive into 2023!

Automation resources

Computer monitor with text that says "Understand Tricky Flow Concepts"

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Automate This! Migrate Workflow Rules and Processes to Flow
If migrating workflow rules and processes to Flow is top of mind, watch this Automate This! episode with Salesforce MVP Aleksandra Radovanovic where she shares her strategy for a successful migration.

Automate This! Designing Record-Triggered Flows
What’s the best way to design your flows? One flow per object or multiple flows? Check out this Automate This! episode where we discuss this very top-of-mind topic with Flownatics Diana Jaffe, Karmel James, Narender Singh, and Tom Hoffman.

Automate This! Flow Features You Can Use in Record-Triggered Flows
Learn MOAR about features you can use in your flows from four community Flow experts, Aleksandra Radovanovic, Nadina Lisbon, Nana Gregg, and Sarah Pilzer.

5 New Videos to Help You Understand Tricky Flow Concepts
New to Flow? Watch these short videos that make Flow concepts much more relatable. ?

6 New Videos to Help You Understand Flow Builder
This is a sequel to the above series! Maybe you’re just scraping the surface of Flow Builder. Maybe you’re a seasoned Flow professional (Flowfessional?!). Either way, you’re bound to learn something useful.

Expert Corner: Get Started with Screen Flows
Interested in getting started with screen flows? Check out this Expert Corner episode with Admin Evangelist LeeAnne Rimel and Flow PM Adam White to learn what’s new and upcoming in screen flows.

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Why Admins Should Create Flow Tests
#AwesomeAdmins test their changes before deploying to production. Did you know you can set up automated tests for your record-triggered flows? Now you do! In this blog post, learn why admins should create flow tests.

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Solving Business Problems with Composer and Flow with Jennifer Cole
It’s important to understand everything about a problem process BEFORE implementing a solution. You don’t want to miss this great podcast episode about this topic with Admin Evangelist Mike Gerholdt and guest admin Jen Cole.

Career resources

Computer monitor with Gillian Bruce on it

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Expert Corner: Explore Important Admin Skills for Your Salesforce Career with Gillian Bruce
Check out this episode of Expert Corner where Admin Evangelists LeeAnne Rimel and Gillian Bruce dive into an important discussion about the skills most essential to #AwesomeAdmins’ career growth.

How I Solved It on Salesforce+
Hosted by Principal Admin Evangelist Gillian Bruce, this series explores how five Salesforce Admins solved business problems using automation, data, and security tools. This is a can’t-miss series!

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Introducing the New Salesforce Admin Skills Kit
Whether you’re looking for your first Salesforce Admin job, hiring for an admin role, or wanting to grow your career, the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit is for you. This blog post introduces you to the kit, which will help you understand the core skills that make a Salesforce Admin an #AwesomeAdmin.

Skills for Success: A New 14-Part Blog Series for Salesforce Administrators
Get acquainted with our Skills for Success blog series that aims to help Salesforce Admins better understand and develop the skills they need to be successful in their role. The best part about this series? It’s written by admins, for admins.

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Admin Skills Kit with Nana Gregg
Need a podcast loaded with nuggets of knowledge? Don’t miss this Salesforce Admins Podcast episode where the incredible Nana Gregg joins us to talk about her EASY methodology.

From Olympian to Solution Engineer with Christine Magnuson and Transferrable Skills with David Nava
Are you a career-changer? Listen to some great podcasts we recorded about transferrable skills with Olympian Christine Magnuson and military veteran David Nava.

App-building resources

Computer monitor with "Expert Corner" playing on it

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Expert Corner: Build Dynamic Pages to Delight Your Users
Dynamic experiences are key for decreasing tech debt (no moar redundant pages!), serving the right information to users, and improving page performance by showing the right content at the right time. Learn about building dynamic pages with Senior Product Manager Nate Hossner.

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9 Low-Code Tools to Help You Grow in 2022
Getting started with low-code tools for admins? Check out this blog about nine low-code tools to help you build great apps today.

The Future of User Management
App-building admins need to define user access and permissions to ensure users have the right level of access, maintain security posture, and preserve data integrity. Find out more about the future of user management from Cheryl Feldman, Director, Product Management at Salesforce.

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Best of Dreamforce: Embrace a Permission Set Led Security Model with Louise Lockie
Ready to embrace a permission set led security model? Check out this chat with Salesforce MVP Louise Lockie as she shares tips and tricks from her blockbuster #DF22 session.

Inspirational resources

Computer monitor with the Salesforce Admins Podcast on it

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How Salesforce Admins Can Be Business Leaders with Jeff Berger
Tune in to hear from Jeff Berger, VP, Director of Salesforce Operations at Academy Bank, about how to be proactive as a tech leader at your organization.

Live from Salesforce Tour DC with Karmel James
Prepare to be inspired. Karmel James, Senior Associate at Dupont Circle Solutions, joins the podcast to share how to ask good questions and why failure is actually a type of success.

Growing Your Admin Role with Stuart Mills
In this episode, Stuart Mills, VP Trailhead EMEA and Ecosystems at Salesforce, shares his perspective on why admins are so important, future roles and career paths, and the best way to keep learning.

Celebrating Admins with Belinda Wong
The title alone should convince you to listen to this episode! Belinda Wong, VP, Product Platform Management at Salesforce, joins the podcast to chat about why admins who are doing the best job sometimes go unnoticed.

Additional resources

Check out admin.salesforce.com for more incredible content created for admins in 2022!

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