Nine Ways to Get Started in the Salesforce Ecosystem as a Salesforce Administrator


If you’re looking to build a successful career in the Salesforce ecosystem, becoming a Salesforce Administrator is a great way to start. The demand for Salesforce Admin skills is skyrocketing because of the important role they play in helping companies reach their goals using Salesforce. In fact, according to, Salesforce Admin is a top-five tech job.

We’re here to help you get started on your journey by providing you with all the resources and support to navigate and grow your career as a Salesforce Admin. Since everyone’s career path is different, the below is not intended to be used as a checklist of things you must do, rather it is intended to be a guide to help point you in the right direction.

1. Visit the official Salesforce Admins site


Exploring this website will give you access to pages and pages of resources for #AwesomeAdmins such as blog posts (like this one), a schedule of upcoming events and webinars, as well as tons of inspiration!

Access webinars, blogs, videos & more

Register for “Essential Habits for New Admins” Webinar

Subscribe to Admin Digest Newsletter

2. Listen to the Salesforce Admins podcast


Listen as Salesforce Admins just like you share their unique stories, bits of advice, and helpful tools for blazing their trail in the Salesforce ecosystem—and how you can find success along the way, too!

Learn about Salesforce Admin careers

Hear from community & product experts

Get inspired by Salesforce Admins

3. Learn more about Salesforce


Trailhead is the fun way to learn! Earn badges, points, and real-world credentials while you learn about all things Salesforce, hone your professional skills, and explore topics like equality in the workplace or the future of AI in business.

Learn about features, apps & products

Complete Admin Beginner Trail

Access Certification information

4. Connect online with Trailblazers


Visit the Trailblazer community and dive right in! This online community is where connection, discussion, and problem-solving all happen in real time, and you can be a part of it while getting support on your journey.

Connect with other Salesforce Admins

Get help, find answers, discuss topics

Submit ideas for product improvement

5. Find a job in the Salesforce ecosystem


There are many great ways to start or change your career in the Salesforce Ecosystem. The resources below are amazing jumping-off points as you’re considering or searching for a new position.

Find career events & online bootcamps

Apply for help to find a mentor

Access online career resources

6. Get hands-on at a Salesforce event


Attending Salesforce events like World Tours, TrailheaDX, and Dreamforce are experiences like none other! Find one near you through the links below, start meeting your Ohana IRL, and get the hands-on Salesforce experience you want.

Salesforce World Tours

TrailheaDX Developer Conference

Yearly Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco

7. Join a local Community Group


Community groups are local to your area, and meet regularly so you can get to know your peers and how they are using Salesforce. You’ll love having a close-knit group of Trailblazers in your area!

Learn Salesforce with peers

Build your network

Find mentors

8. Attend a community conference


Community conferences are put on by members of the community, for the community! Attending one will give you access to incredible content, local Trailblazers, and many inspiring stories of success.

Attend a community hosted conference

Meet your local Salesforce Ohana

9. Stay connected on social

Follow: @SalesforceAdmins

The Salesforce Ohana thrives online! Join our pages (if you haven’t already) and stay connected until you can meet up with one another in person by using the handles and hashtags.


Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn




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